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Very few people understand the role of the court reporter in the modern litigation process. We generally have the same image of a court reporter – it’s probably the quiet person who pays close attention to the deposition. Court reporters are always present during the trial and record every deposition or testimony. They are the official record keepers of the trial, and they can work either for the court or for the defense team.

Hiring a court reporter DLE in Miami has many benefits. A good reporter can help you save money in the long run, and make the whole litigation process more efficient. Let’s take a look at the top reasons to hire a certified court reporter for your defense team:

#1 – Better accuracy

While transcriptionists do provide an important service and are skilled typists, court reporters have extensive experience with legal terms and documents and know-how trials progress. Certified court reporters know how to deal with various issues that occur during the trial process, like background noise, delays, interruptions, and regional accents.

These issues often occur during testimonies and depositions, and accurate recordings are critical during the litigation process. Court reporters provide this specific service – they make sure you, the attorney, get the best, most accurate recordings, which can be used during the trial. Because of their experience and skills, they can provide a much better recording and court transcription than a regular transcriptionist can.

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#2 – Discretion, confidentiality, and neutrality

Discretion and confidentiality are critical in a court case, and no one understands this better than a certified court reporter. The details of your case, depositions, testimonies, and other important documents are safe and will never be discussed out of court. Every detail related to the case is communicated only to the defense team.

No one else will know anything about your case. Court reporters also understand the importance of maintaining the appearance of being neutral, both during the early stages of the trial and during the testimony. The information you receive from the DLE court reporters in Miami will always be objective, neutral and precise.

#3 – Court reporters can manage dialogue

Unfortunately, the court atmosphere can sometimes get heated, particularly during cross-examinations in complex cases. During these difficult moments, accurate recording or transcription becomes problematic. Court reporters are trained and know how to intervene appropriately, in order to settle the matters. This improves communication during the deposition or testimony, which is beneficial to your case. When communication is good, the court proceedings move forward in a shorter time and the entire process is much more efficient.

#4 – You have peace of mind

The peace of mind comes from the fact that you work with a professional can be very beneficial to your case. You know that you work with professionals, that the recording and transcription you get is accurate, and that everything runs smoothly. This is particularly important for complex cases, where many issues can turn into real problems, especially if not managed correctly. Having a reliable partner by your side, who understands the litigation process and brings value to your defense team is very important and brings peace of mind.

#5 – Quick turnaround of documents and recordings

The speed of delivery is critical in many cases. Certified DLE court reporters in Miami know this and can quickly provide the official transcripts and recordings to the reviewing attorney. This means that your case can move forward much quicker, and you’ll get a final verdict sooner. Also, your important documents and recordings won’t get lost or buried in a pile of less important documents.

A good court reporter DLE in Miami can prioritize his or her work, and provide better service to clients. What’s more, you can also get a rough draft of the testimony before the final transcript is completed. This is very important for complex cases, where every piece of information can change the defense strategy.

#6 – There’s a personal touch

We already talked about the accuracy of the transcript, which is obviously the most important aspect. However, the personal touch you get while working with a good court reporter is also important. You get the comfort of knowing that the person who recorded the testimony is the same person that made the transcription. Unfortunately, many court reporting firms outsource this service to a third party, sometimes overseas. As a result, the transcription often has errors, inaudible, or inaccuracies, which can cause problems for your legal team.

#7 – Extensive training and certification

While digital recorders receive less than three weeks of training, professional court reporters go through an extensive training process. Usually, they go through an intensive two-year college program that includes learning about legal, technical, and medical terms that often occur during trials. Similarly, court reporters learn about the litigation process, courtroom protocols, and other procedural aspects concerning the judicial system.

#8 – Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting is a major advantage of working with a certified court reporter DLE in Miami. What happens if the opposing counsel concludes the examination at 5 p.m. on Tuesday and you begin the cross-examination at 8 a.m. on Wednesday? You definitely need a transcript as soon as possible in order to prepare your strategy for the next day. This is where court reporters really provide value. They can provide a quick draft of the recording or transcript for the initial review. Similarly, real-time reporting is another important service, which provides attorneys with live testimonies. This live information can be a major advantage when preparing an offer of settlement.