3D printing market has evolved over the past few decades, with more flexibility to the market there is a wave of hobbyists who are being encouraged to test the waters of the 3D world. All entry-level to mid-level printers are not made equal and therefore can enhance or discourage your overall 3D printing experience. With multiple models and brands to choose from it is imperative you pick the product that will make your printing experience smoother.
The Flashforge Adventure 3D is an amazing entry-level printer for those who are just testing out 3D printing. Some of the common complaints involving 3D printing deal with the issue of snapped filament, leveling miscalculations, and blocked nozzles just to name a few. Flashforge upgraded their models and ensured that their Adventurer 3D would be easy to use for all entry-level persons.

The adventurer 3D is equipped with an automatic filament feeding cartridge. This allows the printer to detect and start loading the filament automatically and suspend printing should the filament become broken or snapped. The flashforge has a friendly touch interface that allows for seamless printing. The adventurer 3D comes with an integral 3D printing resource platform, with the ability to get more storage online, backup and share files, interact with others, transfer, monitor, and manage multiple printers effortlessly.  Overall the Adventurer 3D is the perfect purchase for level entry users who want to explore the 3D printing world.

 If you are a teacher, student or simply looking to get your feet wet within the printing world the Flashforge Adventurer 3 is the best product to use to explore your creative side!