24SevenCommerce has entered into a strategic partnership with RMH POS to offer POS integration solutions. This is targeted at retailers who are looking to expand their footprint in the online space. RMH can now take advantage of the 24SevenCommerce cloud platform and offer their customers a powerful and easy solution to start selling online. This solution allows them to easily integrate their RMH POS to all the leading shopping carts and marketplaces. It is a perfect solution that will enable retailers to expand their market and grow.

The retail sector is one of the sectors which has been hit the hardest by the pandemic. The bulk of sales have shifted to the online space, with customers showing reluctance to visit physical stores. The result is that the eCommerce sector has seen immense growth in the last few months. Retailers are scrambling to set up stores online. And, those who had an online presence are looking to connect their offline and online store to manage them more effectively.

POS integrations solutions can enable retailers to easily set up a store on any of the leading platforms. But, setting up a store from scratch can be time-consuming. Retailers can avoid that and start selling online on the leading marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, etc. In both these cases, POS Integration solutions can be of help. This partnership will help retailers enter the online world confidently. This is one step forward towards unlocking the potential of eCommerce in a big way.

Advantages of POS Integration

With POS Integration Solutions, you can have multiple stores and manage them all from one location. Once you connect your offline and online stores with this solution, you do not have to keep track of inventory and accounts separately. You can automatically transfer data, process orders and transactions across channels without any human intervention. This helps avoid double entry of data helping you save time and minimize human errors. This means that you have one integrated source of inventory, sales, and customer data for all the channels.


Retail Management Hero™ (RMH) is a complete point-of-sale (POS) solution that efficiently manages both back end and POS activities. The intuitive and responsive design, the ability to add third-party integrations, built-in payment processing options are few features that make RMH a hot favorite among retailers. RMH is used by retailers in many verticals like convenience, grocery, apparel, sporting goods, wine, and spirits, etc. 

Octopus Bridge from 24SevenCommerce

Octopus Bridge or Channel Manager is a cloud-based integration platform. With Octopus, you can connect RMH POS with all the leading shopping carts and marketplaces. The advantages of using Octopus Channel Manager are many. Firstly, you can manage all storefronts from a single location. Secondly, you do not have to enter inventory, sales, and customer data multiple times. There is a single inventory master file for all channels, and it automatically synchronizes inventory data between the systems 24/7/365. As a result, there is zero human intervention. Moreover, Octopus also syncs online and offline sales every few minutes. This helps prevent out of stock situations. By integrating Octopus Channel Manager, you can improve your store efficiency, customer satisfaction and reduce labor costs.

“At 24SevenCommerce, we are always looking to forge strong partnerships that will help add value to our offering. This partnership with RMH is a win-win for both companies. With this we hope to expand our base and reach out to new markets.” – Anil Jindal, CEO, 24SevenCommerce.