“A forward-looking budget, opening doors for collaborations for technology and innovation between India and Europe”

–        Poul V. Jensen, MD EBTC

The European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC), an enabler for Europe-India development cooperation and business collaborations across sectors with focus on sustainability and innovation, looks forward to the implementation of the Union Budget 2021-22, as the announced budget is promising heightened economic activity creating a variety of opportunities for collaborations between Europe and India. 

“We look forward to an economic revival driven by the six major pillars highlighted in the Budget. With ambitious plans for investment in healthcare and infrastructure, we view the budget as a well put together, balanced and pragmatic recovery plan for the economy. The budget also opens doors for collaborations for technology and innovation between India and Europe, in future oriented sectors such as alternate energy and urban waste management”, expressed Poul V. Jensen (MD, EBTC).

EBTC further welcomes initiatives in sustainability such as clean air allocations, the automotive scrapping policy, a hydrogen energy mission and renewable energy schemes, and the Urban Swatch Bharat Mission 2.0. All are fields within which Europe possesses international best practices and expertise from which India can draw inspiration and seek collaborations. “Being the flag-bearer of Indo-European cooperation and collaboration, we have been persistently striving towards supporting and promoting collaborations for sustainability & innovation. With specifically Innovation and R&D being one such highlighted pillar of the budget, and sustainability initiatives receiving budgetary allocations, we can expect a substantial increase in the positive alliance between Europe and India and we are certain that this will prove beneficial for both economies”, Jensen stated.

EBTC seconds the promising elements of the Union Budget 2021 and the suggested policies addressing core issues of the Indian economy and believes it will enable India to emerge as a strong economy in Asia and empower a strengthened economic relationship between Europe and India. 


For further information, please contact Ms. Nidhi Tara, Manager – Corporate Communications, EBTC at tara@ebtc.eu


About European Business and Technology Centre, New Delhi:


EBTC is a project facilitation and advisory company headquartered in New Delhi, India, enabling development cooperation and collaborations between Europe and India. As service provider to public and private sector projects, our focus is on enhancing the economic activity and supporting internationalisation of businesses in India and Europe.  EBTC’s initiatives are guided by principles of sustainability and innovation. EBTC is also the Secretariat of the European Economic Group.

EBTC was institutionalised in India 2008 as EU co-funded project. https://ebtc.eu/