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The percussion massage guns have truly become more and more popular in the past 2020, as a home massage tool, it is a super useful innovation, especially in this COVID-19 difficult period. If people haven’t yet jumped in on the trend, now it’s not too late. Urikar massage guns act as an in-home percussive therapy treatment, and has become a cult-fave among gym-goers for its ability to relieve tension.

Today, healthy life expert URIKAR launched the URIKAR AT1, a professional-grade percussion massager that is equipped with an integrated AI chip. With a range of smart technologies, this revolutionary new massager is able to provide a thoughtful, accurate, and effective deep tissue massage experience for the human body. URIKAR is dedicated to expanding access to high quality fitness and health products to customers so they can make the best fitness and health decisions for themselves and their families.

AT1 helps improve muscle soreness and stiffness after an intensive workout or long sitting, as well as accelerate warmup or recovery, enhance muscle performance. And, it’s also a great tool to relieve stress from boring and fast-paced modern life. AT1 supports manual constant-speed mode and AI-powered smart mode for the pro or non-pro users. Its proprietary massage head recognition offers adaptive speeds, force, and percussive patterns for 6 different massage heads, bringing a human-like massage experience. Built-in infrared inspection sensor enables AT1 to start and pause progressively when it’s near or away from the massage area. This reduces any unpleasant vibration and achieves a longer battery life.

AT1’s smart-dashboard not only displays massage speeds, massage duration time, and battery level but also clearly shows users the massage head currently in use and the body part it’s suitable for. This will guide body builders to perform effective massage in the right way. AT1 also has 8-speed levels with percussion up to 3600PPM, and stall force up to 60lbs to deeply massage the target muscles to relieve soreness and stiffness effectively and recovery fast. Adopts brush less motor that works smoothly with operation noise as low as 39dB at the minimum speed level – ensures no disturbance to others using anywhere. The 2600mAh high-performance battery allows it to last up to 10 hours (600 minutes) battery life.

URIKAR AT1 detailed Specifications:
Smart Features Massage head recognition
Smart start or stop
Smart auto mode/Constant-speed mode
Motor Power 30-65W
Rotating Speed 1200-3600RPM
Amplitude 16mm
Speed Level 8 built-in speed levels
Stall Force Up to 60lbs
Noise 39dB-60dB
Mode Constant-speed mode/Smart mode
Massage heads 6 massage heads
Working Time Up to 10 hours
Charging Time 3 hours
Size 266*240*88mm (10.4*9.4*3.4 inch)
Weight 1.1kg (38.8 ounce)
MSRP price $269.99

URIKAR AT1 is now available on URIKAR’s Official Website priced at $269.99. It provides up to 45% limited coupon codes, free gifts, and giveaways from Jan 25 to Feb 5 for the launch. URIKAR also released another more affordable model URIKAR Pro3 on the same day with the price of only $139.99 (provide up to 30% off for the launch from Jan 25 to Feb 5).

URIKAR Pro 3 detailed Specifications:
Motor Power 20-45W
Rotating Speed 1200-3200RPM
Amplitude 14mm
Speed Level 30 built-in speed levels
Stall Force Up to 45lbs
Noise 39dB-60dB
Mode Constant-speed mode
Massage heads 6 massage heads
Working Time Up to 10 hours
Charging Time 3 hours
Size 263*254*75mm (10.3*10*2.9 inch)
Weight 1.2kg (42.3 ounce)
MSRP price $139.99

URIKAR was founded on the sheer principles of passion and innovation. The beginning of URIKAR came to be, as the founder Bob Anderson, started his journey to fitness and health in 2010. Urikar was born out of the severe muscle pain when he woke up the next morning after working out in the gym or had been sitting or standing for hours. He started working on the idea of device and wanted to give people an option for relieving muscle soreness, tightness, pains and aches. The brand URIKAR was originally from the ancient Greek word “Eureka” , which means “triumph on a discovery”, since this is a great milestone for Bob after making the first URIKAR products. Having been in business for over a decade and headquartered in Seattle USA, URIKAR has become a global enterprise that designs and manufactures premium fitness and health equipment covering fitness, sports, health and home appliance etc.

Urikar, Inc.
36 South 18th Avenue, Suite A,
Brighton, CO, USA 80601