New Delhi: In continuum to the ongoing ‘The Principal Round Table’, the Education Leaders Confluence 2020 (ELC) saw yet another fruitful session on “Challenges for Primary School Kids in the Changing Education System”, that was successfully conducted today.

Organised by the pioneers in the field of education, Pratham Test prep, the confluence focuses on the holistic development and has also restructured and re-engineered modules to cater to children right from middle school to help them understand the importance of aptitude building.

The ELC 2020 constitutes a series of talks and discussions, conducted to hear out the experts and discuss various issues and opportunities available in the education sector. Even though India has made significant progress on access to schooling and admissions in primary education, the on-going pandemic has brought newer challenges in front of the education system especially in India where we are still in the process to learn and improve. The low levels of learning remain the biggest challenge for the state and the central government.

The fourth episode of the ELC 20 was aimed to bring thought leaders together and bring to, light various aspects of the education system and the need to uplift society. The discussion was graced by eminent panelists that included, Dr. Narjeet KaurHead Mistress Guru Harkrishan Public School, Delhi, Mrs. Sushma Rajkuamr, HOD, City Montessori School, Lucknow, and Ms. Ritika Anand, Vice Principal, St. Mark’s Sr Sec Public School, Delhi.

“COVID-19 has provided us the opportunity to sow the seeds of creating a more empathetic, humane population that our primary students need to be educated in such a way. There is a paradigm shift witnessed in the education sector in India for the last few months due to the pandemic. The teachers had to adapt to e-learning leaving the traditional way of teaching. Many teachers were reluctant of this adaption, but there was no way out and the result was new innovative ways to teach to make the class engaging and interesting.” Said Ankit Kapoor, Managing Director, Pratham Test Prep.

In India there are several challenges related to the student-teacher ratios, infrastructure, and lack of training amongst teachers. In India, the government has to think of ways and mediums to provide teacher training so that overall development is provided to the students.

“Education is the process that aids learning, acquiring knowledge and skills to one’s character. In testing times of pandemics, the mode of education has changed by the advent of new technologies. The rise of affordable internet has made education easy and accessible to every corner of the world and the Interactive learning approach has made the availability of education at the comfort of our home.” Said Dr. Narjeet Kaur, Head Mistress Guru Harkrishan Public School, Delhi

The use of technology in education will change the way teachers teach and students learn, but not wash away the need of teachers for a student. Guru Drona was in possession of an indestructible sword along with innumerable arrows in his quiver. Likewise, the Gurus of today have technology as one of the arrows or probably it’s their invincible sword!”

“The mundane ways of teaching will be out-dated and it will offer real-life learning opportunities that will diminish what is taught in the classrooms and the real-life requirements. The traditional methods will see a transformation. Technology is not here to replace the teacher who was, is, will be the GURU- Dispeller of Darkness.” said Ms. Ritika Anand, Vice Principal, St. Mark’s Sr Sec Public School, Delhi

Highlighting the importance of vernacular content, the confluence also laid stress on the new and variety of content as a resource to quality education and learning. Since it seems difficult for some schools in rural areas, there is a dire need to focus on the quality of content where the platforms are devoid of it.

“2020 has been a year when teachers and teaching came into focus. Big gains have happened in terms of methods, attitudes & relationships. As we now begin to prepare for returning to school, I sincerely hope that all the positives are sustained and schools and teachers are valued for the service they give to society”. concluded Mrs. Sushma Rajkuamr, HOD, City Montessori School, Lucknow