Dr. Bimal Chhajer
On the occasion of their 25th year Anniversary, Founder of SAAOL, Dr Bimal Chhajer highlighted on the views of eradicating heart diseases through lifestyle-related changes, diet, exercise and yoga. The program included complete education on ways of overall heart care to patients and those vulnerable to heart ailments to eradicate heart diseases from the root.
There are 8-10 crore (80-100 million) heart patients in India and every 10 seconds one person dies of heart disease in this country. This makes roughly about 9000 deaths per day and about 30 lakh deaths per year. India is the present-day leader in the whole of the world so far as the numbers of heart patients are concerned and the number of heart patients is still in the increase. Till today heart disease remains the most common cause of death in most of the countries of the world.
Under the banner name of ’An Education Vaccine’ the training session was conducted to spread awareness and educate the masses on the possible ways to prevent and control the most common but fatal disease – heart attacks. Dieticians Doctors, yoga experts also educated the patients on management of heart diseases by food, exercise, knowledge and yoga.
“Very recently a much talked about trial – ISCHEMIA trial- has shown that for most of the heart patients who are stable do equally well if they are put into Lifestyle and Medicines compared to Angioplasty /stent or Bypass surgery. If we compare the cost and complications of these invasive procedures – lifestyle and medicines are probably most preferred treatment of most heart patients. Cardiac ailments being a lifestyle related ailment and hence the treatment should also be focused in the same direction.
While cardiac ailments remain to be a growing burden in the Indian society, affecting millions of people and the economy of the country, it is time to eradicate them from the root. Present day Cardiologists are in the wrong track by emphasizing more use of Bypass surgery or Angioplasty, medicines, emergency treatments – but they are overlooking the real cause of heart attack and heart disease. If all of them work by removal of the cause of heart disease, we can control the spread of heart disease as well as work towards Eradicating heart disease.
Dr Chajjer who has been working on ‘Reversal of heart diseases’ for the past 24 years has developed a ‘SAAOL Safety Circle’ which can guide every adult of the country to take steps to reverse and prevent heart disease.
“I have treated over 2 lakh heart patients in the past 24 years with non-invasive treatment modules like lifestyle change, US FDA approved EECP and a combination of Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Detoxification. With the development of the SAAOL Safety circle which is the best indicator of the heart health has benefitted many to prevent future heart complications. It has three circles and 12 factors to control, six parameters related to medical and four each related to healthy diet and lifestyle habits.
(Dr. Bimal Chhajer works as Director, SAAOL Heart Centre, New Delhi)