September 2020, CA: Distill Laser Clinic is a Canada-based Clinic that uses FDA and Health Canada approved technology and medical-grade products. Distill Laser Clinic is offering effective hair loss treatment in Toronto.

Distill Laser Clinic offers hair loss treatment options for both men and women. A little hair loss is natural, but sometimes the hair loss can accelerate to the point where it makes you stressful. The loss of your hair from age, medication, illness, or genetics can leave you feeling humiliated. People have to face many struggles to find a suitable hair loss treatment. Products and services of hair loss treatment in the market are often expensive and ineffective. These promise to stop hair loss, instead they result in wasted time and money.

Distill Laser Clinic – a hair loss clinic in Toronto can help you if you are seeing an increase in hair shedding, suffer from bald spots, or have a receding hairline. Treatment by Distill Laser Clinic can help stop hair loss and encourage new hair growth. They offer more than one treatment, with a mix and match of options to find the most effective plan for each patient.

The reasons for Hair Loss

Understanding the reasons for hair loss can help choose the right treatment option. There are many reasons you may be losing more hair than normal, including:

• Genetics
• Conditions like anemia or thyroid disease
• Stress
• Medical treatments
• Certain medications
• Deficient levels of iron
• Weight loss

The team of Distill Laser Clinic can help you determine what’s causing your hair loss and then create a personalized treatment plan. You can book your free consultation with Distill Laser Clinic today to learn more about how they can help.

Some of the therapies used by Distill Laser Clinic to stop hair loss are:

• PRP hair loss therapy
• Mesotherapy for hair loss
• Low-level laser therapy

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About the Clinic:
Distill Laser Clinic helps in improving skin and helps patients reach their aesthetic goals with personalized treatments to bring out the best results and excellency. The Clinic uses standard laser technology, which is 100% safe for all skin types. With over 20 years in business, clinic also offer various non-surgical procedures including anti-wrinkle treatments, pigment lesion, acne scarring, hair loss, fillers, laser hair removal and much more.