Is it really mtx if many people used gp to purchase it from people who probably got it at no cost from daily/free keys? Like no I would like training construction since I want in POH but with all other people this really is a non-issue for me. Oh right. . .is the work bench gonna be permanent or temporary?

It’s possible to buy membership on both games and that is sufficient to fully enjoy both games. Why are osrs players constantly attempting to prove how much better osrs is when compared with rs3. “A brand new method to train Building” it is just a minigame according to several notions from the failed Artisan ability lmao. And yet that makes for a much better update compared to MTX exclusive portable workbench.

That doesn’t make it to RS3 due to poor management problems

It’s predicated on a GameJam 2018 project by Mod Ryan known as Player-Owned House contracts- material that does not make it into RS3 as a result of inadequate management problems is recycled and created better and enhanced on OSRS, which does not have to deal with shitty investors and management as much as RS3 does, largely as a result of RS3 being the cash cow / secondary match.

It does have some pretty unique benefits, like the equippable saw, plank sack, and hosidius wall kit [unlockable wall kits, a feature exclusive to and well loved in OSRS] that fit OSRS and its reward space & doctrine perfectly, too.I don’t think anybody really wanted building contracts, theres not much support for it. Remember last gamejam someone was working on groundwork for EW pursuit series, however nobody seemed to care for it, also bear in mind a’gamejam’ never 100 percent means content goes into match, its just a session for devs to operate on passion endeavors, or ideas for pleasure.

They litterly said they didn’t see players druming this up.

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