Now that you’ve finalised the guest list and sent out the save-the-dates to celebrate a new beginning in your life, it’s time to ensure that you’re living out your dream for the big day. Amidst all the fun and festivities, it’s also important to take care of comfort.
When you’re making a checklist of all the Wedding Rental Items to extend the horizons of your wedding decoration, furniture demands special care. Renting out furniture simplifies the process and also helps you discover your options based on the size of both the venue as well as the gathering.
While planning layouts, allow for appropriate navigation space and appropriate lighting for visibility as per the function of the area. Also, allow for some variation by using two or more types of furniture for the guests’ comfort over long durations of ceremonies.
Focal furniture
This is supposed to be a statement piece to be placed ideally on the stage for the engagement or reception events or for photo booth arrangements. Designed for the marrying couple, the focal furniture must stand out and also blend in harmoniously with the stage or photo booth backdrop. Consider Bridal Chair Rentals or ornate sofas for this purpose. Loveseats or settees may also be used for smaller stages and photo booths.
Outdoor chairs
For an expansive open venue, lawn chairs are the easiest to arrange in blocks and the most affordable. They can be easily folded and are simple enough to be molded as per the decorations. Other options to pick from are vintage wooden chairs, chiavari chairs and plastic ones. Benches and pews can also be taken into consideration for rustic ceremonies
Banquet hall furniture
Dining or banquet hall furniture includes sleek dining chairs. They could be cushioned, made of suede or bare metal or wooden ones. Depending upon the layout and the number of guests, choose round or rectangular tables. Rectangular tables can be arranged one after another for the luncheon or dinner. Smaller circular tables guarantee privacy. Furniture linen isn’t a necessity but if you do opt for it, make sure that it melds with the surroundings.
Bar furniture
Throw in a bunch of bar stools and cocktail tables along with some lounge furniture for a snug and stylish bar setup. Experiment by adding some wine barrels that are both functional as well as decorative. When renting bar stools, ensure that they are either adjustable or available in at least a couple of sizes.
If the space allows, you can either go for larger brass and glass coffee tables or round or cube-shaped ones placed intermittently to facilitate the guests.
Sofas and couches
Tufted and suede sofas, marquis settees, princess sofas, leather couches, etc. all Wedding Sofa Rentals contribute to a different aesthetic. While marquis furniture with curlicue designs and engravings certainly looks more ornate and is appropriate for a grand party, the sleeker monochromatic upholstered furniture lends a contemporary touch to the setting. The latter can be craftily adorned with cushions in bright colors or embroidered ones with tassels so that they become one with the decor.
When picking out lounge furniture for guests, it’s better to go for broader ones with more space such as deco sofas or the designer French ones with minimal accents. Go for fancier colors if you wish to jazz it up. Ottomans are another trendy option that attract the eyes- both square-shaped and round ones.
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