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With the Z-N528, multimedia specialist ZENEC ( has a new 2-DIN car radio / infotainer in its product range. The German Car & HiFi trade magazine has now thoroughly tested the newcomer in issue 05/2020. “Very good quality at a reasonable price” is the concluding verdict of the experienced testers, awarding the Z-N528 the “Highlight” accolade on account of its “outstanding” price/performance.

The magazine is full of praise for the comprehensive media features of the new ZENEC, in particular the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, which enhances the Z-N528 with functions such as telephony, navigation, media player and messenger services. “Control is easy and smooth via the capacitive glass display of the Z-N528”, explain the testers, “or, thanks to Apple Siri or Google Assistant, even more comfortably using voice input.”

The tech journalists are also very positive about the other infotainment functions, most of all the integrated DAB+ tuner. According to Car & HiFi, this tuner offers not only numerous comfort functions like DAB-DAB Service-Following, MOT Slideshow, DLS Text and Comfort Scan, but “impresses on the road with its crystal clear digital radio reception.”

The testers are particularly impressed by the many options for making adjustments to the sound. Thus the integrated signal processor offers “a range of functions that is anything but a matter of course in this price category.” An 8-band graphic equalizer, high and low pass filters, bass boost, balance, fader and volume controls, and “even 5-channel time alignment” are among the features of the new multimedia system.

The infotainer also scores high marks in the test lab: “The Z-N528 performs brilliantly in the test lab” is how Car & HiFi sum up. “This is clearly a flawless piece of engineering.”

That ZENEC has also placed great importance on the ease of use of this 2-DIN car radio is also honored by the tech journalists. “On the road we can only give it top marks. Operation of all functions via the touchscreen and the five buttons below the display is easy and intuitive, and the entire menu structure is well thought out, self explanatory and of an attractive graphical design.”

“The Z-N528 offers an outstanding range of features in its price category, excellent ease of use and superb performance in the lab and on the road”, is the conclusion reached by Car & HiFi, awarding ZENEC’s new media center the “Highlight” accolade.