Keller, TX – September 2020: There’s never been a better time to get your fitness and nutrition back in shape thanks to the dedicated approach of Keller’s 360 Fitness Gym.

Rightly voted Keller’s No. 1 Gym in 2019, 360 Fitness caters for beginners and those at an advanced level, as well as those wanting personal, semi-private or group training programs.

Located at 133 Sports Pkwy Suite A, the newly remodeled gym, run by Justin Blythe and Zach Taylor, also caters for boxing and kickboxing training.

“Simply put, every workout is accounted for, every calorie burned is measured,” commented Mr Blythe. “We design each clients program based upon their specific needs and history of exercise. ”

One of their latest dynamic approaches, given the era of COVID-19, has been to take their fitness session online. For $25 a month, clients can access workouts anywhere at any time, with track stats, progress instructional videos and meal plans available on your phone to accelerate progress.

Mr Blythe added: “Clients will be pushed harder than they’ve been pushed before. But they will have the satisfaction of knowing that each workout is a positive progression towards a larger goal.

“Whether training one on one with your coach or using the online training program, we constantly monitor and track progress, keeping you headed towards your goal safely and effectively. ”

He added: “Our online program is a favorite with busy athletes that need their workouts planned out for them, but cannot make it to train at our facility. Programs designed to increase fat burning, training capacity, strength, power, and power endurance are seamlessly tied together to make sure they reach peak performance levels.”

If you’re still in doubt, then why not check out their testimonials, which highlight how their personal, semi-private or group training programs are spot on when it comes to helping clients achieve more.

Full-time mom, Katrina Pierce, said: “The After-Burn workouts kicked my butt! But in the end, they were worth it! I lost over 50lbs and regained my confidence. In the end, the hardest part was replacing my entire wardrobe because none of my clothes fit anymore.”

Professional Athlete Jon Akard added: “When I started Personal Training, the first session was a real wake up call. A few months later, I was leaner and stronger than ever. I’ve since competed in international amateur competitions and at professional level in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.”

“The short high-intensity workouts were just what I needed to get back on track without spending hours at the gym,” added financial advisor Miguel Arreguin.

For more information about 360 Fitness Gym’s programs, click over to their website or call them for bookings on (817) 673-2663. Alternatively, email: for more details.