Prestigious Parisian arts venue funded by San Francisco-based private financial group finds creative and lucrative solution to the COVID-19 crisis by reinventing itself through open-air, futuristic, socially distanced street food pop-ups.

San Francisco, California, USA., September 14, 2020 — Manifesto Holding PLC (“Manifesto”), one of US Capital Global’s portfolio companies, is a UK-based parent company that owns a host of highly popular arts, music, and culture clubs in Paris, including Wanderlust, Beau Regard, and Joséphine, among others. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, which has forced many hospitality venues around the world to close their doors, Wanderlust, the famous Parisian nightclub boasting the largest terrace in Paris, has impressed investors and club fans alike by reinventing itself into an open-air, futuristic, socially distanced street food pop-up, complete with live DJing and celebrity chefs.

Situated in the 13th arrondissement with unobstructed views of the Seine, Wanderlust is accustomed to over 4000 guests each evening, and since the relaunch of its new incarnation as a street food pop-up, the numbers have remained high.

“From the very beginning of confinement, we understood that the club may have to remain closed for a large portion of the year, so we started creating a new format,” explained Manifesto CEO and founder of Wanderlust, Arnaud Frisch. “We’ve designed a system to ensure safe, socially-distanced dining through mandatory pre-booking, ordering and payment via our online menu, and a QR code directing customers to their seat. Utilizing technology has reduced queuing times, and our staff save time too. We’re looking to keep this system in place beyond the confinement and develop it in the future.”

Celebrity chef Alexia Duchêne, known for her role on season ten of Top Chef, is the well-loved face of Wanderlust Street Food. “Alexia was our first choice because she embodies the values we seek to promote through Wanderlust,” said Frisch. “We strive for a young, fresh approach, serving an enticing, sustainable menu with locally-sourced ingredients in solidarity with small French businesses.”

Waste-reduction is an essential part of Wanderlust Street Food’s model, and aside from using biodegradable dishware and cutlery, all surplus food is distributed through the Too Good To Go app.

“When we take on a portfolio company, we look at the management team and see if they have the creativity to adapt to changing social and economic challenges,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO at US Capital Global. “In 2019, US Capital Global anchored a term loan syndication for Manifesto from its own balance sheet. Manifesto’s leadership has demonstrated ingenuity and nimbleness, responding to unfavorable circumstances by generating new sustainable avenues for their venues, staff, and clientele. As a result, they continue to thrive and inspire others during this COVID-19 crisis.”

About Manifesto Holding PLC:
Manifesto Holding PLC is a UK-based parent company for the prestigious Paris nightclubs Wanderlust and Silencio, among others. Establishing revolutionary arts and culture spaces throughout the city, Manifesto’s various venues play host to a dynamic selection of cutting-edge music, arts, film, and fashion events. Working closely with London’s V&A, Cannes, Art Basel, and the Venice Biennale, Manifesto continues to impress with its progressive artistic vision, attracting a community of celebrated artists and thinkers, and promoting the appreciation of culture and cultural diversity.

About US Capital Global:
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