Vassilis Milionis explains the best investment in southeast Europe. It is a great chance to invest in the automotive, agriculture, and oil sectors.

Vassilis Millionis, a Greek businessman and entrepreneur, explains the best investment in southeast Europe. Investment is one of the ways to manage and earn more money. There is also significant economic growth in some southeast European countries such as Serbia, Montenegro, and Albania. Mr. Vassilis Milionis stated, “We have a difficult time nowadays due to the global epidemic. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that we can’t invest our money. We only have to choose the best country and sector before investing the money. It seems that investing money in the retailer and agriculture sectors is a good option. Consumption is rising nowadays. Most people have to stay at home. They need to buy primary products for supply. The data also shows that there is a significant improvement in the revenue of those two sectors.” 

Investors who love vehicles or automotive can also invest their money in this sector. This year becomes a good year for the automotive industry. The revenue rose to 13% than last year. Serbia is one of the countries that feel a positive impact on the automotive industry. Some automotive companies in Serbia generate up to 10% of foreign direct investment. Vasilis Milionis explained, “Automotive and agriculture industries generate bigger profit due to its important role for the countries. The companies employ thousands of employees in a variety of positions. The companies need skillful people like designers, engineers, sales, and many more. The activity grows the economy of the country.”

Newcomers companies are even choosing a bigger industry such as Oil and gas, electricity, transportation, and rubber. It shows that southeast European countries are still a potential place for investment. The most potential sectors are in the petroleum and merchandise, energy and environmental systems, renewable sources, and mobility. One of the startup oil and gas companies in the Slovenia event generates the second-highest growth. 

Vassilis Milionis added, “Oil and gas are a new business in southeast European countries such as Slovenia. Interestingly, it shows a great result. Investors earn profit from gasoline and diesel fuel. On the other hand, investors also need to think about investing in energy efficiency products. People start to think about using environmentally friendly gasoline now.” The thing that Mr. Millionis wants to say is that investors can start to invest as long as they understand the sectors well. Investors only have to understand the condition of the country. Investors can start to invest their money in southeast European countries with more stable revenue.

About Vassilis Milionis:

Vassilis Milionis is a business and entrepreneur from Greek. He develops a Filia Estate Development Investment company. The company grows bigger in China.