National News – New Groundbreaking Book I Survived Suicide Released During National Suicide Month. The Book I SURVIVED SUICIDE is more than a book, it’s a Movement. September is National Suicide Prevention Month. All month, mental health advocates, prevention organizations, survivors, allies, and community members unite promote suicide prevention awareness.

The book release coincides with National Suicide Month and signifies that its release is timely and important to many lives around the globe!

About Lady J: Lady J is an Author, Youth/Family Mentor, Speaker, Life Transformation & Business Coach, Media Personality, Serial Entrepreneur, and Community Servant Leader. She holds two degrees and several certifications. She is the definition of what it means to “bounce back” after multiple traumas and overcoming life’s hardships that seem impossible. She has overcome many traumas and challenges that include but are not limited to; domestic violence, rape, multiple suicide attempts, fatal brain aneurysm, and much more. Yes, she has overcome it all! Her education and life experiences have given her a powerful and unique set of tools to help others conquer the impossible. She is the founder of NO LIMITS MINISTRY INC., a published author of 3 additional books, and this book is her fourth publication. She is Owner/CEO of E.G.O. Entertainment Network, and Owner/CEO of Life Support Company LLC. She is also the creator of a stellar business coaching program, “Business Bangers.” Additionally, she is the producer and host of 3 radio/podcast shows and one television show. She has been featured on numerous media platforms and has won awards in recognition for her work.

BOOK SYNOPSIS: The new book is out! Titled I SURVIVED SUICIDE it’s more than a book, it’s a Movement. Jacquie (Lady J) Murrell releases another compelling and phenomenal literary work with the contributions of four individual authors. This unbelievably awe-inspiring compilation shares the deepest, darkest thoughts and moments leading to each author’s suicide attempts. I Survived Suicide takes readers into the very moment the act of suicide was committed, and allows them to experience the author’s mindset and emotions in addition to their journey of surviving the attempt, healing, and liberation of the factors that pushed them into ending it all. I Survived Suicide also gives a glimpse into how life’s struggles can consume an individual’s very existence to the point where suicide prevails.

Each story will not only captivate you, but they will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions as you walk the journey with the author. You will be enlightened, inspired, and encouraged to understand how to find the key to healing from within by addressing the root of immeasurable pain, and the importance of reaching out for help to begin the process of extraction that will ultimately lead you to replanting and rebuilding your life as you find your purpose. These stories invite you to think twice about making a permanent decision based on temporary circumstances and become a true visual testament that purpose and power are birthed from pain.

Visit to purchase your copy of the book today! Book is also available on and its affiliates and in kindle format. To schedule an interview with Jacquie Murrell (Lady J) Author of I Survived Suicide on your podcast, radio station, and virtual media platform or print media you may email us at or call us at (347) 727-9015

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