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WooCommerce holds the crown as the most effective eCommerce WordPress plugin about. It is a lightweight, easy-to-use plugin that immediately transforms your WordPress website into an online retailer. On the other hand, not each WooCommerce theme is equal. In fact, just installing the WooCommerce plugin on any old WordPress theme doesn’t produce the ideal online store environment. Get more information and facts about

A true online shop supplies an interactive buying cart icon within the header, a branded checkout process, premade product galleries, and lots of other eCommerce-specific tools.

Yes, it is possible to take your current blog and add a number of products. But in case your target would be to make an optimized online retailer, a devoted WooCommerce theme is very best.

What to look for inside a WooCommerce theme

While some functions discussed can be accomplished with plugins and WooCommerce extensions, our target is to find a WooCommerce theme that minimizes the use of plugins. This way you don’t have to mess with as lots of moving parts.

No-brainer characteristics? Not so fast…

Some attributes are included in practically every WooCommerce theme you stumble upon. They’re completely required, but not all that tough to find. For instance, mobile responsiveness has become the norm with most WordPress themes.

This could get you to assume that there’s no purpose to test responsiveness or a number of the following capabilities:

Compatability with all browsers

Design help through the WordPress Customizer


Not all responsive designs are produced equal, though. And whenever you do not test responsiveness, you set your self up for failure in the start. Mobile commerce is around the rise, with mobile eCommerce escalating every year.

A lot of theme developers also claim items like compatibility with all browsers, exceptional design support, along with a attractive blog.

Having those options is very important. But it is the execution that matters.

So, test out just about every WooCommerce theme for responsiveness, browser compatibility, blogging flexibility, and how straightforward it is to produce rapid design alterations.

Now, let’s get into several of the extra precise attributes which you need to look for…

An interactive buying cart icon

One from the significant differences amongst a theme created for WooCommerce as well as a normal WordPress theme could be the fact that typical WordPress themes lack interactive shopping cart tools.

Whenever you visit a well-known online store, it typically has an interactive purchasing cart icon within the header, which tells you how quite a few things you might have, in addition to the value.

Some WooCommerce themes take it towards the next level, with animated Add to Purchasing Cart buttons that pop up once you scroll more than a featured product image.

This buying cart region acts as a reminder for shoppers and also a quick approach to finish the buying process.

A branded and customizable buying cart and checkout

By default, a standard shopping cart and checkout process is supplied by means of the WooCommerce plugin, but you will have to dig in to the code to customize it. One way around that may be to obtain a WooCommerce theme together with the checkout and buying cart currently made for you.

A well-designed checkout experience, along with timely cart abandonment emails, can help you cut down the cart abandonment concern that affects all eCommerce retailers.

Moreover to generating to get a far better purchasing experience, this also provides you an benefit over platforms like Shopify that have somewhat bland buying carts which might be not branded to your shop.

Premade page templates

Every online store requires pages apart from category and product pages.

To save time and maintain a consistent design style, you ought to seek out WooCommerce themes with some regular pages already made. A few of these may well include things like About Us/Team pages, Contact Us pages, and category web page formats.

Gorgeous product pages based on ideal practices

The product web page is where prospects make decisions to purchase. For that reason, it’s necessary to inform the whole story behind every single item.

The ideal product pages deliver assistance for spectacular imagery, videos, and also downloadable documents. Whenever you learn concerning the very best practices behind a product image gallery you begin to find out the importance of zooming, navigation, fullscreen effects, and much more.

Product pages ought to also have nicely formatted product variants, reviews, descriptions, associated products, and social media buttons.

Product reviews

Product reviews are packaged into WooCommerce, so your key goal is always to find a theme with a good quality product review design.

This ties into the product web page location we just talked about, but make certain the product ratings can be observed in galleries and thumbnails. Following that, it’s all about getting clients to create reviews.