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The cable technology has indeed come a long way through a variety of improvements and inventions. At the moment, cable connection allows signal transmission for audio, video and IP etc from some source to the end product.
Buying a network bulk cable is a lot cheaper than buying individual Ethernet cables that total the same length. Bulk network cables can be as long as 1000 ft which should become more than enough to make dozens of cables that will be used to link a network of a large number of computers.
Since the bulk cable will undoubtedly be stored after all the crimping, there is no need to buy additional Ethernet cables until the bulk cable is depleted. This means that it isn’t a smart idea to buy a long bulk cable just for a small home-sized network being interconnected.
Bulk network cables are the best for security, video and voice network installation. They provide a reliable and fast method of segments of stations and interconnect modules within a single infrastructure. These bulk cables not only meets, but additionally exceed the TIA/EIA 568B performance of normal CAT5e cables thereby making them highly ideal for custom network installation projects.
Apart from these benefits, CAT5e bulk cables are being offered in various colors like white, orange, light grey and blue without the change in the price and therefore customers can pick the color that can perfectly match their home or office, wherein the cable is likely to be installed.
These refined cables are designed to provide superior quality and clean signals to the web connection so that you can access any website, download or upload the content and that too within a fraction of seconds. Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 cabling play a significant role in making computer networks reliable, fast and strong. Cat5e network cables make use of Cat 5e cable which is the single cable with four cables twisted together.
The bulk Cat5 are more useful for a more substantial network and in this case using the color-coded one is a better option. They are resilient and so when set-up for connections within buildings these function quite smoothly. Over time, the Cat 5 is considered to be the most suitable among the various cable systems.
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