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Discovering yourself is a very imperative procedure where you understand your passion and pursue it. It is a process where you should be mindful about your purpose, but at the same time it is necessary to appraise your skills and adherence.

Filmmaking is one such profession where just having passion is not enough, one should also have a relevant skill set. For all aspiring filmmakers formal education with a Degree in Film Studies is very important and it is the merger of both theoretical and technical skills that provides the aspirants a wide range of career opportunities in the film & media industry.

Annapurna College of Film and Media, Hyderabad, is one of the best film colleges in India, where the students are exposed to the art & craft of film studies from the initial stages. Being situated inside a working film studio which has rich film production heritage is one of the biggest assets to Annapurna College.

Though there are numerous film schools & film colleges in Hyderabad and India, which have assorted courses in film studies Annapurna College was the first one to launch a Degree Program in Film & Media – uniquely curated to offer the opportunity with Dual Majors. With the numerous options available to the students in film studies gives an opportunity to know in depth about each division of filmmaking like Direction, Sound Designing, Scriptwriting, Production, Cinematography, Acting, Editing, etc.

This gives the aspiring filmmakers the choice of exploring the multiple options to design their career in the film & media industry.