A specialist in bespoke handmade sensory and weighted therapy products, Sensory Owl has announced its new product – Sensory weighted blankets and weighted bean bags for therapy. We work closely with SI and OT therapists and make use of their knowledge to improve our products.

Being a renowned name in producing sensory weighted blanket UK, our blankets are engineered to help ease stress and improve your sleep. Our all new and improved adaptive series features a reversible cover with one side made from cooling fabric. The inner blanket features long staple premium cotton as is filled with high density glass beads to add wonderful weighted feel.

Individual suffering from autism and other disorders will find our weighted blankets great for complete sensory calmness. Our therapy blanket’s weighted fillings uses Dura-bead technology. Our products are non-toxic and odourless and hence users find it soft and amazing in texture.

Acting much like tight hug, sensory weighted blanket will help you calm down and relax, assuring a good night’s sleep. They are packed with tiny, hypo-allergenic environmentally friendly glass beads to offer delicate yet firm pressure to the user’s body making them feel calm and relaxed. All these make our weighted blanket the perfect sleeping companion for people suffering with insomnia or for people with sensory integration and psychomotor disorders such as autism and ADHD.

At Sensory Owl, we sell the finest quality, handmade and certified products at the best affordable price. We always love ecological and simple solutions and this can be glimpsed in our sensory products. Our weighted blankets are safe and effective therapeutic solution, helping sensory seeking children and adults calm their body and helping them to enjoy a peaceful night sleep. The extra weight in the blanket help those with autism and associated sensory processing disorder get rid of anxiety and stress and come out of repetitive behaviours.

We at Sensory Owl also sell weighted bean bags for therapy. Available in so many texture, they offer a wealth of health benefits to the users.

We know the fact that each customer has different needs and we at Sensory Owl accommodate them all. Contact us if the standard products are not fulfilling your need. We would love to meet your needs. Browse our website for detailed information. https://sensoryowl.co.uk/

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