Every kid has a favorite stuffed animal. But what if that stuffed animal could also hold their drink and snacks ? That is what Cup Cozy Pillow LLC has created with their new product line Cup Cozy Critters. Cup Cozy Critters are cuddly cute cup holders geared toward children with super cute plush animals designs.

Las Vegas, NV-AZ – The lack of cup holders and the resulting spills is a daily problem affecting millions of Americans. Cup Cozy Pillow LLC continues to help solve the aggravation of those spills by creating innovative cup holders that keep your drinks close to you and safe from spills.

Following the success of their primary product line, The Cup Cozy Pillow, they have now introduced a new product line, Cup Cozy Critters. Cup Cozy Critters are cuddly cute plush animal cup holders geared towards children.

When designing the Critters the company retained all the original unique features of the Cup Cozy Pillow such as expandable cup holes, insulating foam, and removable, washable covers but designed them as super cute plush animals.

Cup Cozy Pillow LLC teamed up with GMA’s Deals & Steals segment in July 2020 to do an initial launch with their dog and unicorn designs. HSN has jumped on board as well and placed a purchase order for the upcoming holiday season.

The company plans to continually add more Critter designs with a cat and dinosaur that is scheduled to be available in early 2021.

Founders, Michael and Monica Almaguer predicts Cup Cozy Critters will be just as popular as the original Cup Cozy Pillow. Cup holders don’t have to be boring explains managing member Monica Almaguer. “As a mother of four children, I knew kids would love having a new best friend that could holds their drinks and snacks. Moms will love it too because there will be less spills.”

Established in 2017, Cup Cozy Pillow LLC is based in Las Vegas, Nevada based company. Cup Cozy Critters and the company’s original product the Cup Cozy Pillow can be found at cupcozypillow.com.

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