Many homes today have carpets. Its history encompasses two great traditions. The first, the oldest, has an oriental origin and includes the Persian carpet. For its part, the western tradition was very well received in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The Persian models of this stage are characterized by balanced compositions, strong color contrasts, and a pattern-overlapping effect. We always recommend buying Antique Persian rugs from an authentic store.

However, the rug can be divided into two groups, in relation to its design and function: In floral rugs, with geometric designs and floral motifs, all geometric designs are repeated in different sizes and are used for decoration. These carpets were woven by the tribes, each distinguished by its special designs.

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Persian Crafts:

In, you will also find a wide range of machine-made rugs at a very affordable price. We apply the same work method on mechanical carpets. Its import is direct from the factories of the countries of origin, we also have our own manufacturing.

Cleaning a Persian carpet:

When it comes to cleaning a Persian carpet there are many beliefs, some of them very crazy, such as those that say we should shake them in the snow. Nothing is further from reality. If you have an authentic model you will only need a vacuum cleaner and some other trick.

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