SimRover, a simulator startup, announced a DIY simulator device that brings simulator experience to the next level. The device is ideal for any game, including VR games, car simulator, flight simulator, roller coaster, and many more. 

Ever wondered about having a simulator with motion at home? It could be a huge investment to have a simulator with motion/movement. Now, with SimRover DIY simulator, people can enjoy spaceship games or racing games with full four-axis motions/movements with only low investment.  

SimRover, a new DIY simulator startup, has announced DIY simulator devices that are ideal for VR (Virtual Reality), car & flight simulator, 3D roller coaster, and many more. With this adjustable simulator device, simulator game lovers can have a fun and thrill experience and enjoy riding their favorite simulator games in the comfort of their home. According to SimRover company representatives, SimRover’s DIY simulator platform is easy to set up and upgradable without any expertise. Therefore, anyone can set up the device easily and don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to have their private amusement park at their home. People only need an additional tire inflator or air compressor, platform (30″ x 24″ or 24 “x10”) to put a chair, and widescreen TV or VR goggles. 

The SimRover basic package includes two SimRover pads, and each pad contributes to each axis movement. Moreover, users can add more pads (second pad package) for a more realistic experience. The simulator pad is available to pre-order for only $78.99 via the official website This DIY simulator is the best solution for an affordable ride simulator experience at home. 

The idea of the SimRover DIY simulator pad came from the COVID-19 lockdown, which most people can’t visit amusement parks and ride their favorite roller coaster. With the SimRover DIY ride simulator, people can enjoy their favorite roller coaster with movement from the comfort of their home. They can have fun and enjoy 3d roller coaster simulators via VR goggles, or widescreen TV for maximum experience.  Many free 2D and 3D roller coaster videos are available on YouTube to enjoy with SimRover simulator kits.

About SimRover

SimRover is a new DIY simulator platform startup. Their products are DIY SimRover kits that bring fun and enjoyable simulators with movement at the home. Spray water, perfume or use a fan to blow air or fog to get a realistic 4D theater experience. The kits are expandable and do not limit creativity in building your own simulator at home. For more information and news about SimRover’s DIY simulator platform, please visit


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