A Vent and Blowdown silencer is used to control the noise related with venting pressurized gases to atmosphere. Our Burgess-Aarding brand Vent and Blowdown Silencer is supplied within a wide selection of regular and custom designs used in applications for all-natural gas, steam, air, or virtually every other pressurized gas. Get more information about fan silencer

Our vent and blowdown silencer solutions are obtainable with optional designs to boost efficiency and overall performance, including single or many inlets, multi-stage diffusers, and acoustically lined shells or absorptive panels packed with mineral wool or fiberglass packing. Plus, our designs function “Advanced Micro-Diffusion,” which can drastically lower the silencer size and weight.

For our common Vent and blowdown silencers we’ve got the SST silencers. With our comprehensive experience in designing customized Vent Silencers we’ve utilized this know-how to come up using a revolutionary smaller silencers. With these high performing silencers we can support you with a rapid delivery against a very competitive price.


Low Total Expense of Ownership

Maximum efficiency and performance, giving noise reduction up to 60 dB

High value with premium good quality construction components – carbon, stainless steel, and greater alloy makeup materials supply longer service with higher temperatures and corrosive environments

High reliability on account of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) design practices


Design attributes include single or several inlets, multi-stage diffusers, acoustically lined shells, or absorption panels packed with mineral wool or fiberglass packing

Advanced Micro-Diffusion design

Model designs up to 60 dB

Custom accessories contain supports, climate hoods, bird screens, and directional outlets