Trekking is a transformative activity that refreshes the mind and body. It is known to be addictive and a healthy addiction at that. There is no better way to experience the beauty of nature than through this soft-adventure sport. You can experience the flowers, the trees and a whole host of sights that otherwise remain hidden. Besides, being on foot affords you the luxury of taking in the beauty of these spectacular destinations at your own set pace.

RCI has put together a collection of trekking places that will bring you joy as you have never experienced before. From the foothills of the Himalayas to the wilderness of Kerala. With RCI offering stay options in all of the below destinations, go ahead and plan your trip right away!

Kanha, Madhya Pradesh: Kanha located in Madhya Pradesh has one of the largest national parks, the Kanha National Park and Tiger Reserve. Trekking in Kanha is a journey into the wild. With over 350 species of birds and fauna this place offers spectacular views of the sunset and a dense forest to discover the untouched bounties of nature. Kanha is truly a trekker’s paradise. You can perfect this vacation with RCI, by staying at Club Mahindra – Kanha which is located in the wilderness. Guests can enjoy a family vacation that is designed to bring everyone in your family a little closer to Mother Nature.

Baiguney, Sikkim: The mysterious and magical land of Sikkim offers you some of the best trekking destinations in India. In the foothills of Kanchenjunga lies this ancient land with vast areas of wilderness and trekking delights. Make your way there and discover the latest trekking spot that is Baiguney, West Sikkim. Offering phenomenal views of mountains that gaze down at you while you wind your way through one of the most beautiful spots for trekking available anywhere. The unbound and pristine Rangeet River winds its way through Baiguney offering you joyous respite as you trek through pristine forests. If you have a trekker’s soul, this is a place not to be missed. While in Sikkim you can opt for RCI’s property Club Mahindra Baiguney, which is surrounded by mountains with a beautiful view of River Rangeet, it is the ideal retreat. Spread over 12 acres of breath-taking river front, this resort is architecturally designed to make the most of the natural surroundings.

Mashobra, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh: Mashobra is a popular destination with tourists. People from all over flock here to take in the splendorous scenery that this beautiful town affords you. It’s cool climate is a welcome respite from the searing heat of the plains. The rivers Indus and Ganges embrace this land at 2500 meters above sea-level as they descend to give respite to people who live below. Whether it’s just a picnic with the family, camping or hardcore trekking this town has it all. You can perfect this vacation with RCI, by staying at Club Mahindra Mashobra which is a refurbished jewel and was a relic of the British Raj. It is a charming and modern property which welcomes nature lovers and adventurers with easy access to out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

Mussorrie, Dehradun, Uttarkhand: Mussorrie needs no introduction. This fabled town that looks down on the Doon Valley has long been the go-to recreation spot for the well-heeled. Today it is not just a tourist destination, it’s also a haven for the serious trekker. From Mussorrie, you can see the mesmerising Himalayan range spread out like a white necklace constructed of snow-peaked mountains inviting you to a secret rendezvous. Captivated, you are bound to seek out one of many trails spread across various parts of this land that sits in the lap of the Himalayas. Through hillsides blooming with flowers and rivers and through woods that embrace you from all sides, Mussorrie is truly a paradise for the intrepid trekker. During your trip to Mussorrie, choose to stay with an amazing offering by RCI, Club Mahindra Mussoorie which is located on the slopes of Gun Hill, the highest point in Mussoorie and offers a panoramic view of the Doon valley.

Munnar, Kerala: Munnar is the atypical holiday destination in Kerala. For those used to backwater cruises and beach holiday that Kerala offers in plenty, this is a welcome change. Not too far from Cochin, the hilly ranges of Munnar are spread out with lush green tea plantations that offer spectacular views of the valley below. The misty weather and mildly cold temperatures are perfect for trekking into the jungles that surround Munnar. Trekking here is an experience different from trekking in other parts of India. So, don’t miss this one out. You can perfect this vacation with RCI, by staying at Club Mahindra Munnar which offers a panoramic view of the surrounding tea estates, a picturesque lake, and the mist-clad mountains.