Brock Flagstad shared some of the things he has learnt in his career as an entrepreneur in one of his recent interviews. featured Brock in a recent interview done on July 2, 2020 at Chicago, Illinois in the United States. This interview was done by Thrive Global. In the interview, he shared what he has learned through the years of his career and he also added the impact of COVID-19 on his life. Brock mentioned that the pandemic has turned his life and overall workforce for the better.

A lead generation company called Channel Clarity is owned by Brock Flagstad and he is well known for his over 15 years experience in building, leading and growing companies. In addition to these, he holds a B.S. degree from Miami University.

The importance of doing things that you love and have passion for was emphasized by Brock is his interview. He further dissuade people from doing things that make them unnecessarily miserable.

The fact that regular working days have been deconstructed as a result of the pandemic worked positively for Brock and his workforce. Rather than working a traditional 9-5 job for example, Brock Flagstad says he now works with blocks of time, dividing his days between work, home and family obligations.

Brock didn’t leave out the biggest life lesson he has learned. Brock said; “Business is about people, whether it is your employees or your customers. As you focus on building a team, you need individuals with different backgrounds and perspectives”.

He added that some people with different perspectives to challenge ideas are needed to move a business forward. Such people need to be trained so they can become more productive and effective in the company and they should also be given opportunities for advancement.

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