SEPTEMBER 04, 2020

SUSAMP Infotech introduces Screenshot stamper: Markup, Snip, Longshot & stamp – is there to capture a screenshot and do lots of things with it

GPS Map Camera Lite Application, Lets you capture the screenshot, click longshots, add markup, stitch picture, and to add date timestamp on the screenshot.

Screenshot Stamper :
Markup, Snip, Longshot & Stamp

SURAT, INDIA- 04 September 2020; Susamp Infotech, an innovative mobile development company, has recently launched the Screenshot stamper Mobile application for the android platform, offering a way to take Screenshots and do an edit on it along with Device details.

Susamp Infotech has such an excellent Screenshot Stamper app to give its user in gaining advanced experience in taking screenshots. They give users the Freedom from other editing apps to edit their screenshot images. Also, they are giving feature to take long screenshots.

The screenshot feature comes in almost all smartphones but the screenshot editing and long screenshot abilities are not available in such mobiles. Not only that but in the editing feature of those smartphones, you can only add normal changes. But thanks to this Screenshot Stamper application, with this you can even take long screenshots and also you can add text, Emojis, draw, Mosaic, spotlight, and dop filter on screenshots.

In Added you can change color from multiple options of the text, add different shaped Mosaic, You can add Spotlight shapes, and add filters on screenshots. With the help of the Floating button, you can take screenshots in all apps, even you can take a screenshot by shake the mobile feature.

“ For useful & cost-effective tools, you don’t need to wait any longer, as you can get such useful screenshot markup & long shot features free of cost with this App ” said CEO and Founder Of All Excellent apps Mr. Chirag Gabani.

Features in Application:

Screenshot stamp
Screenshot Crop
Screenshot Edit & Annotate
Screenshot Stitch
Floating button to take screenshot
Shake to take screenshots

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