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Visit the reputed Sinus Clinic if you are suffering from breathing problems owing to congestion in your nose. Don’t think that every doctor will suggest surgery for the treatment. There are many other ways to treat the condition.
Acute sinusitis or other problems leading to the congestion of air passageways can cause minor to severe health issues. We know that many people out there suffer from allergies and sinus problems, but you are afraid to consult a doctor, for you may have to undergo surgery. It is time to clear the misconception that surgery is the only way to treat sinus problems. There can be non-surgical procedures too. At Sinus Institute of South West Florida, we will help you understand the procedures and the impact of the treatment.
• Functional rhinoplasty
Deformation of the nasal bone can cause sinus problems. We will reconstruct the nasal architecture and expand the air channels. It will facilitate better breathing.
• Reduction of turbinate
Turbinate often become the key resistor to the normal airflow through your nasal chamber. We can execute a Turbinate Reduction to improve natural airflow.
• Sinus surgery
Even if you have to undergo the sinus surgery to prevent further Sinus Infection, we promise to make it the minimally invasive procedure. You can recover quickly, and won’t have to get the nasal packing or the black eyes.
• Treating allergies
You will also get the facility to undergo allergy tests here. In fact, the symptoms of sinusitis reduce considerably of you undergo the allergy treatment at our Sinus Clinic. We also offer subcutaneous and sublingual treatment.
• CT Scan
Sinus treatment procedure won’t cause you any pain or problem. But as the process is intricate, we always perform the CT Scan. Our scanner emits low-frequency rays, and so, it won’t cause any harm to your body. Additionally, the surgeon will get the entire picture of the internal nasal structure to plan the surgery’s type and details.
• Septoplasty
Do you know that a bent septum can be the reason for the unequal parts inside the nose, narrowing down the canal? We will correct the crooked septum to widen the nasal corridor.
Maintaining safety measures
With the outbreak of Covid-19, we are also following strict safety measures to prevent any virus transmission. You have to book an appointment, and we will request you to stay inside your car until your turn comes.

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