When it comes to the construction industry; DIYers, architects, contractors, actual construction companies and engineers face many challenges. If it is not bricks becoming far too expensive or being difficult to source, it is struggling to find construction workers that have the necessary skills and expertise to assist you with your project. Not to mention, most bricks nowadays are slightly different in size, making it difficult to construct a stable and secure structure. From these challenges and pure frustration, Stumbelbloc – the future of the construction industry – was born.

Andre Esterhuizen, the owner and founder of the company, had several years’ worth of experience in the construction industry and, as a result, was aware of all the common issues in the building industry, as well as the several others prevailing in South Africa. To help those with little to no experience, Esterhuizen began experimenting with building blocks that can be produced at a low cost, and with no experience needed. After three years, Stumbelbloc was born!

Finally, Esterhuizen had developed a product that not only produced interlocking, self-aligning, and self-levelling blocks, but could also be built into structures with no external energy source. Stumbebloc was established to help the disadvantaged. On top of requiring little to no experience or training to produce the blocks, they are also incredibly cost-effective to produce.

The product itself is essentially a plastic brick mould that one uses to produce the interlocking building blocks. The beauty of this invention is the fact that people could even make a business out of producing the building blocks. Simply make the investment in purchasing a couple of the brick moulds and the mixture, and you can produce building blocks for your entire community!

If you would like more information about Stumbelbloc and their brick moulds, or if you would like to learn about how these building blocks can assist you in your next building project, feel free to visit the company’s website. In addition to this, you can also find building manuals, house plans and a moulding manual on their website, simply visit http://stumbelbloc.com/.

About Stumbelbloc:
Stumbelbloc was established by Andre Esterhuizen to overcome the several obstacles people face in the construction industry, as well as to reduce the unemployment rate in South Africa. Thanks to Stumbelbloc’s brick moulds, construction companies can hire anyone to assist with development, as they require little to no experience when working with the moulds!

Milnerton Cape Town, 7441
Western Cape, South Africa
Tel: 021 551 1011