Aug 2020, Australia: Develop a comprehensive business approach to managing risk with the NIST Cyber Security Framework and Stickman’s Cyber Security by Design. Stickman, a premier cyber security firm in Australia, helps organisations understand and improve their management of cyber security risk.
Stickman’s ‘Cyber Security by Design’ methodology uses the NIST Cyber Security Framework for mapping standards, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency by identifying and managing high-priority activities and risks. The Framework Core provides a set of activities to achieve specific cyber security outcomes, and examples of references as a guide to achieving those outcomes.

Stickman helps organisations comply with the NIST Cyber Security Framework, producing several key benefits including:

● Helping organisations to proactively manage their cyber security risk.
● Improving communication and collaboration of cyber security issues at all divisions and levels of administration and company boards.
● Carving the best position for organisations to meet future regulatory standards.
● Strengthening a business’s legal position, with framework implementation evidence of compliance with fiduciary obligations.

Stickman’s proven methods and cyber security services in conjunction with the NIST Framework, have helped numerous organisations improve their cyber security posture and build cyber security by design… not by chance. Their custom project/program delivery methodology, developed through years of experience, has allowed them to successfully deliver on security, compliance and assurance commitments for a vast array of clients worldwide.

If you’d like to bring a proactive, broad-scale and customised approach to managing your orgnisation’s cyber risk with Stickman’s Cyber Security by Design and NIST Cyber Security Framework, call 1800 785 626 for a free consultation. You can also visit their website for more details or send an email to

About the Company:
Stickman helps companies fight the constant threat of cyber attacks and data breach. Stickman believe cyber is human, because cyber security is a part of all of us. Their aim is to create and maintain a secure cyber world and to shape the future of cyber security by bringing together new methodologies, security experts, ethical hackers, technologies, solutions and managed cyber security services.

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