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In this era of the global crisis caused by coronavirus, everything has been adversely affected. Not just physical health but also mental, emotional and financial well-being of individuals have been badly hit. This difficult time has compelled people to ponder over numerous aspects of life, including health and wellness. Unnerved by the Covid-19 pandemic, an American couple asked an Indian mystic Sai Ram an important question – ‘what could we do to protect ourselves?’ This simple question paved the way for a deep, spiritual journey that can lead to a happy and healthy life, based on the philosophies and spiritual practices of Hinduism and other religions. The book ‘Live In Knowledge – after the pandemic’ captures this interesting journey that opens the gates to the world of knowledge and wisdom to help people seek happiness and health.
The book reflects most of the knowledge that appeared in the subconscious mind of the author Sai Ram during meditation exercises and he subsequently tried to find answers about those in science. The narrator, Sri Baheti, helps readers unravel the science behind these religious and spiritual practices and philosophies. Although the narrator tries to find answers in science about most of these practices and philosophies, there are still many that haven’t yet been explained or proven on any platform; thus, making a part of this book a science fiction! Nonetheless, the book will interest people seeking answers to numerous things happening in life and to live a happy, long life.
Sri Baheti helps quench the readers’ thirst for knowledge and understand numerous happenings in life. Through the medium of this book, the narrator tries to help readers reach their highest potential so that they radiate positivity and joy – making them likable personalities. The narration in ‘Live In Knowledge – after the pandemic’ takes readers through numerous aspects of life, starting from birth to renunciation. Sri Baheti acquaints readers with the following topics:

• Searching for Answers
• Curative Astrology
• Game of Energy
• Success in Material World
• Science of Human Creation
• Protection of Diseases from Acidic PH
• Your Birth and Karma
• Knowledge About Cancer
• Know your Purpose of Birth
• COVID 19 Knowledge and Control
• Knowing three Bodies and Disease control in physical
• Protection from disease of Fat/Kapha
• Life and Disease control by Spiritual Plane
• Protection from disease of Current Flow
• Life and disease control by Mental Plane
• Living Longer
• Axis of Life and Astrology
• Renunciation and Doubt Clarifications

The knowledge that the narrator shares with readers in this book “Books on Covid Pandemic” helps them find answers to many questions that have been bothering them for ages. From their birth to knowing their purpose of birth to renunciation and doubt clarifications, numerous aspects have been dealt with in the narration of this book, which is a combination of religion weighed in science. It also explores astrology; different types, causes and control of diseases, including Covid-19; as well as various practices that can help them lead a healthy and happy life. In fact, this Books About Corona shares wisdom and knowledge that can make faith win over fear to live longer and happier in this era of pandemic crisis.