United States 22.08.2020. There are several methods of printing which are prevalent in the market nowadays. Screen printing is one of the elegant techniques of printing which is an ancient one and is widely in use in the modern days. 3v Printing Store is a renowned agency in the USA which provides services of SCREEN PRINTING in Peachtree Corners, GA at a budget-friendly price. In earlier days, screen printing was done on silk materials and hence was also termed as silk screen printing but these days, usually we see synthetic materials like polyester being used.

In the process of screen printing, a mesh is used to transfer a design onto fabric or any other item on which the printing has to be done with the help of fabric ink. In areas of the material which are impermeable to the ink, a stencil is used to block those areas.

The process of screen printing involves the following steps:-

• The screen is put on top of the material to be printed on.
• Then the ink is put carefully on top of the screen.
• With the help of a flood bar, the worker pours the ink through the holes of the mesh.
• At certain intervals, it is necessary to remove the screen from the material to prevent smudging or contact of the ink with the material.

A little amount of downward force is needed which fills the openings of the mesh to pour the ink onto the material.

Presently, there are three types of screen printing prevailing in the market which are:- flat-bed, rotatory and cylinder printing. All the three types are done at 3v Printing Store with a lot of care and effort. They care for the demands of our customers and hence try to complete all the projects assigned to them within a very minimal amount of time. Also, you can avail the chances of getting the SAME DAY T-SHIRT PRINTING Peachtree Corners done from the company. To know more, visit: https://3vprintingstore.com