AdHang, a digital marketing agency in Nigeria, has won The Best Digital Marketing Agency 2020, conducted by Corporate Vision-England (CV Magazine).


AdHang, an SEO company in Nigeria, has proven themselves as the best Digital Marketing Agency in Nigeria. 2020. They have been chosen as the company provides excellent expertise, its dedication to client satisfaction, and online advertising service delivery. The company’s Chief Operating Officer said, “AdHang is honored to receive the award (Best Digital Marketing Agency 2020 – Nigeria), coming from International Magazine. No doubt, this award is a result of the AdHang team’s digital marketing expertise, dedication to clients’ satisfaction, and commitment to online advertising service delivery. This award further confirms AdHang’s international standard digital marketing services offered to entities on a daily basis in Nigeria, Africa, and across the globe. “


In addition to the award, Kaven Oscar Cooper, the Awards Executive from Corporate Vision, stated. “The award stands as a testament to AdHang’s excellence, commitment, and dedication over the past 12 months.” As already known that AdHang provides marketing services both offline and online. They specialize in providing Digital Marketing services and Content marketing services in Nigeria. The company deserves an award because it provides a cost-effective and quality digital marketing service that prioritizes customer satisfaction. CV Magazine representative stated that “Awardees must be able to demonstrate expertise within their given field, dedication to client service and satisfaction, and commitment to excellence and quality.”


AdHang dedicates its services to small businesses to large businesses in Nigeria, South Africa, and worldwide. They strive to provide excellent digital marketing service, delivering the best result to their customers. The company’s team is those who have expertise and experience in the digital marketing field. They have helped businesses, institutions, and public figures to achieve their goals, getting a better presence on the internet. Thus, the community is aware of their presence. 


About AdHang

AdHang is a cost-effective marketing agency in Nigeria with a wide range of services, including offline and online marketing. AdHang is available to provide its service to small corporations to big enterprises with targeted marketing strategies, such as content marketing, PPC marketing, influencer marketing, and many more. The Best Digital Marketing Agency 2020 Award, confirmed that AdHang is the best digital marketing agency and Content creators in Nigeria

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