ATLANTA, GA (August 12, 2020) – Star marriage and relationship mentors, strategists, and best-selling visionary authors, Gil and Renée Beavers, are launching their new book “Rich Relationships: Our Marital Code To Oneness”.

Written with great inputs from seventeen other couples and two other professional experts with huge experience, the book is scheduled to release this coming October of 2020. This book is a culmination of the experience of 31 years of marriage, 15 years of meetings, and calls by Gil and Renée with other couples. Marriage and personal development are this couple’s passion.

“We have been podcasting for a good while now. Usually, the challenges in relationships that we come across are more or less the same that we’ve addressed many a time – in our podcasts and previous books. However, with the advent of newer and more engaging technology, couples’ relationships are taking a hit. A massive hit. ‘Till death do us part’ has been replaced with ‘Technology did us part’. Everything from relationships to lives is falling like a house of cards. So we decided to address these newer challenges to maintain healthy, ever-growing relationships in our forthcoming book, stating how we’re still going strong, the feedback couples can give each other when they realize they’ve hit a snag. We’ve also incorporated inputs from a good few other couples and subject experts who have been very kind to assist us. We’re very sure every couple will benefit from this book who are looking to renew their relationship and/or getting into a healthier one”, said the authors Gil & Renée Beavers.

Rich Relationships have been inspiring millions across the world with their mentorship and relationship strategies for over a decade.

Rich Relationships is a relationship counseling podcast and app managed by best-selling authors Gil and Renée Beavers.

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