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Does your mobile phone need to be repaired? Have you cracked the screen or is your phone water damaged? Whatever problem you’re having with your phone, you should bring it to us at White Swan Mobile.

We provide professional and reliable phone repair services including iPhone repair and Samsung phone repair in Auckland. We also repair phones from other leading manufacturers including Huawei, Sony, HTC, and more.

Do have a cracked screen on your phone so need iPhone screen repair services? Do you have another problem with your phone, including issues with your battery? Whatever fault or problem you’re dealing with on your iPhone (or on any other make or model of phone), we can help at White Swan Mobile.

Our technicians offer a wide range of services:

iPhone repair in Auckland (and further afield via our postal service)
Samsung phone repair
Repair of other makes of phone
iPhone screen repair and replacement
Replacement of screens on other makes of phone

All our technicians are fully trained, we offer a fast turnaround on all repairs, and we keep our prices low.

While our technicians can fix all major brands of mobile phone at White Swan Mobile, most of our customers have either iPhone or Samsung devices. As a result, we specialise in phones made by these manufacturers. This has resulted in us becoming a leading provider of iPhone and Samsung phone repairs in Auckland.

Our phone repair services include replacing screens if they are cracked or broken. We can also resolve software problems or help backup your data and then reset the phone ready for you to sell it.

In addition, we offer phone repair services for the internal components of your phone. This includes everything from the motherboard and the camera to the charging port and battery.

There are lots of people offering iPhone and Samsung phone repair in Auckland. Not everyone offers the same standard of service, however, which can cause you problems in the long run. The solution is to bring your phone to a specialist when you need it repaired.

Give White Swan Mobile a call today on 022 644 1875.

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