Are you planning to build an online business? Of course, the domain name is the foremost and the most important thing that represents your business.
But how? Let me tell you something that may surprise you.
A domain is so important because
It represents your business brand.
It’s the first impression of your online business.
It has a significant role in SEO, hence domain can help you rank on search engines.
But how to find the best domain? Today I will precisely share some tips to choose and buy the best domain name for our business.
Short Names
It is better to choose a short name for your business domain. Because shorter names are easy to memorize as compared to longer ones. Moreover, maybe the short domains are taken and you have to pay more to buy it. However, if it’s out of your budget then move with a brandable name that is unique and short.
Easy to Type
Just for a minute, think of the famous websites. Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. All these names are short and easy to type.
Therefore, I will recommend you to make your site name easy to type and remember. Using difficult names will make your clients misspell the domain and reach somewhere else. This is a huge loss. The best way is to choose a domain and ask about 10 people to spell it. If the majority spells correctly then Go for it.
Choose a domain that is easy to pronounce. This will be easy for others to share and recommend your website verbally.
If you want others to share your domain with others then make it easy to spell and pronounce. You can ask your friends to pronounce the domain and skip it if people feel difficulty.
Define a niche
It is effective to use a niche related domain. As if you are developing a website related to laptop accessories then the good domain will be and if it’s taken, you can find others using domain generators such as, laptop setup, laptopstore, etc.
Once you choose a domain, check whether it is available or taken. It’s better to stay away from the names that are already trademarked.
Moreover, also visit the social media platforms and make sure that the username is available.
Related extensions
Domain extensions are also important as domain names. The most commonly used domain extension is .com. But if the domain is not available, you can move with .org, .net, etc.
But in my own experience, avoid going with weird domains such as .club, .blog, etc.
Domain generators
What if you are stuck? Don’t worry. Many domain generators are available online and you can use them for searching domains, keywords, and finding unique ideas.
The domain is an essential part of an online business. So give proper attention and time while choosing a brandable domain for your online business website.