Tips to choose a domain for an e-commerce store
Are you starting your business as an e-commerce store? That’s a great choice of online business. But if you are confused about finding a good domain name for an online e-commerce store.Don’t Worry! We are here to share a few amazing tips that will help you in choosing an appropriate domain for the e-commerce store.
1- Use a brand or product name
Have you selected a smart name for your store? If yes, then we will recommend you to stick with this name and find a similar domain for the e-commerce store. This will build your brand name. Moreover, there is a good chance that your domain will also be available.
2- Short domains
It is good to have a short and eye-catchy domain as it is easy to remember. The customers can share the name with the other people. Avoid using difficult and lengthy domains such as It can smartly be replaced by
3- Easy to Understand
Domains that are easy and grammatically correct can be shared with anyone easily. If you share the product or brand name with any client and domain isn’t understood correctly, then the client will reach the wrong website. Ultimately you will lose an order.
4- Audible Test
Choose a domain that passes the audible test. You can speak and ask your ten friends whether they understand the domain and spell it correctly. If not, move with another one.
For example, will be tough rather than
5- SEO and Keyword
It will be good to choose a rich keyword domain, this will help to rank the website. Choosing a domain related to the core of brand ideas will help the visitors to understand the goods you are offering.
6- Unique Domains
Try to make the domain unique. Pick a domain that is different from the names already existing in your industry. Be creative and build the domain.
7- Avoid Using Hyphens
Using hyphens and numbers in the domain makes it difficult to understand. Ultimately results in dropping customers. Therefore, avoid using unwanted characters in the domain.
8- Thematic Inspiration
Now: If you haven’t selected any domain yet. Then we will recommend you to choose a theme for your brand. Take inspiration from any related nostalgia.
We hope you will come up with a creative and unique idea!
9- Avoid Legislation Issue
Before buying any domain for the e-commerce store. Make sure that it is free from copyright issues. Because your brand and business can develop and flourish in the future. Hence, having any legislation issue may cause trouble.
We also recommend you to find whether any other company is not using a similar domain name. Such things may cause issues.
10- Social Media Availability
Once you have selected any domain name, find out that the same username is available on different social media platforms. Because you will need to build your accounts everywhere for grasping the clients. Hence, branding is also very important.