The global BPO industry is on a rise since its inception. Even in the recent pandemic times of COVID-19, BPOs around the world found themselves working around the clock for not just profits but for the benefit of the masses as well. offers a secured and reliable virtual desktop solution for BPOs. It centralizes the complete management of the workforce, offers a personalized experience, boosts productivity, and empowers managers with an end-to-end VDI Monitoring.

With intuitive management and desktop support from, BPOs can focus and give all of their priorities to their core deliverables, rather than getting entangled in the device management and other complicated administrative hassles.

One of the key takeaways from is the cloud-based, centralized management.’ VDI for BPO and DaaS solutions for BPO offers a highly scalable, standardized desktop solution. With functionalities like low operating costs and enhanced security solutions, offers complete VDI for BPO and DaaS solutions for BPO.’ Intuitive and Reliable Virtual Desktop Solutions Integrate Features like:

● Reduced capital expenditure
● Highly scalable standardized desktop
● End-to-end VDI Monitoring
● Centralized IT Management
● Improved Productivity
● Heightened resilience and reliability
● Centralized VDIs
● Easy and secure access
● Different VDI for each department
● Better green profile
● Scale-up and Down the Number of Users

Optimize your work efficiency and eliminate complex BPO hassles with’ VDI for BPO Industry and DaaS solutions.