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There are many fraud detective agencies in the market. I was also being cheated by one of the Detective Agency in Mumbai. So today, I would share my own experiences, “Whom to hire and why?” I was born and bought up in a foreign country, but my parents are from India. I was unaware of people in India. My sister was marrying in Mumbai for that purpose we were looking for pre-matrimonial services as we can’t visit the place and dig out all information. We want to hire a detective Agency located in Mumbai to handle our case.
At the start, I approached many detective agencies to compare their work and price. One of the detective Agency was providing the service in lowest price and were very confident with their work. I never lived in India, but genes are of their only. Somewhere I also thought if I am getting this service at the lowest price, so why to go for any other one. Their reputation over the internet was also shown good, but as I made the payment, they stopped picking my call and blocked my number. I was totally confused. I tried many days but couldn’t track them.
They made it difficult for me to trust any detective agency. I really need these services as the family was also making pressure for the report of the boy. I started contacting another detective agency regarding this case. I contacted many, but that fear of losing money was not letting me trust anyone. In my search, I got to know about Venus Female Detective. They were different from others, and also had an office in Mumbai. One of my friend who was from Mumbai send to anyone for visiting there office and clear all the things. As all things were done “ok” from his side, We called Venus Detective regarding the pre-matrimonial investigation.
I approached them for pre-matrimonial investigation, but because of an earlier response, I was still in shock. They asked for 12 days to complete the case and handover the report. On the 10th day, they called and told the case was complete, make the rest payment for the report. I was still in shock so can’t trust them. My friend told me to make the payment saying if anything wrong happens we have an office address where we can visit. I made payment and they provided the report. They provided a written report along with facts and figures. I was really heartened about seeing the work of Venus. The report submitted by them was 100% accurate. They also work confidentially. I really thanks the Venus team for helping me and always recommend them for investigation services.