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Based in Kent, Cleanair UK is a multi-disciplinary hygiene services contractor. The company addresses the sanitation needs of various businesses in the commercial and industrial sector. Cleanair UK complies with the HSE when carrying out its services.

[30/07/2020, Kent] Cleanair UK’s indoor air quality testing service is specifically designed to serve commercial and industrial workplaces. They help companies keep their employees healthy by ensuring proper air hygiene is maintained at commercial kitchens, universities, small schools, office settings and more.

The Growing Importance of Sanitation and Hygiene Amid COVID-19

Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, several workplaces across the country are looking for ways to continue operating while ensuring facilities are properly sanitised. With new standards released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to prevent the further spread of the virus, cleanliness and hygiene is now a priority for many companies.

Approach to Sanitation and Hygiene

Cleanair UK’s services comply with the latest guidelines from the HSE. Experts will examine a facility’s entire environment to:
– Identify and analyse levels of particulate matter in the air.
– Determine the presence of harmful vapours from carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.
– Inspect if there are volatile organic compounds, as well as fungal and bacterial matter.

Aside from indoor air quality testing, the company also provides other services, such as:
– Deep cleaning for offices and facilities
– Water inspection and sanitation
– Fire risk assessments
– Food odour control

Cleanair UK’s cleaning and hygiene solutions can help companies re-open commercial and industrial operations. Firms will also receive support in complying with the evolving rules and policies from the HSE.

About Cleanair UK

Cleanair UK is focused on providing cleaning and hygiene services to commercial clients. The company is based in Kent. Aside from ensuring clean air in workplaces, the company also offers water treatment and environmental hygiene services.

For appointments and inquiries, contact their team via 0800 29 22 400 or send them an email at Potential clients may also complete Cleanair UK’s enquiry form in their website: