Summary: The churches hold an important position in the Christianity religion. There are so many types of services offered by the church all of which are mostly community services. The church also conducts prayers and sermons which are attended by so many devotees.

If you are a sole believer of Christian religion you must follow a church that has true values set to the core level of Christianity religion. This will ensure that you leave no stone unturned while being a stout devotee of your religion. While there are many churches one particular church stands out for its services, social gatherings, community services, and several followers.

The Lighthouse Church of Houston is one of the highly famous churches in the US-based in Texas, Houston. Christian Churches In Houston is famous for its acceptance, with large community gatherings, public feasts, serving the interests of the poor and so many other events.

The church has been around for many years and during all this time it has constantly served to the greater purpose and the service to humanity. Its philanthropic mission and events continue to empower society and the neediest people.

Mr. Keion Henderson is one of the most notable persons who have worked as a pastor with many churches across the world is the chief of the ministry.

There are lots of traditions and services that are offered to the community regularly. The church also tries to organize social gatherings trough events that can be attended by any members of the church.

The holding of regular baptism events

The Lighthouse Church of Houston is famous for holding its baptism events. Since the inception of the church back in 2009, it has been able to baptize many local citizens nearby.

Get a good chance to get involved with the ministry

The church periodically provides its long term devotees and members the chance to get involved with the church ministry. Thus you will be able to provide help and volunteer in all the events of the church.

It also holds online events including sermons

For the convenience of its large follower base, the church also conducts online church sermons. This is a great way to keep yourself connected to the church even if you are not able to visit the church in person during the prayers.

Learning for the kids

The church also conducts online classes to teach the basic ideas of Christianity from a very tender age.

Contact information-
6650, Rankin Road,
Humble Texas- 77396
Mobile number- 2817413693