Are you confused about choosing the right gift for the wedding moment of friends, relatives, or family? Crebobble, a company that specializes in creating miniature bobbleheads, offers a wide variety of miniature gifts for the loved one.

Crebobble, a company that is experienced at making bobbleheads miniature, has been creating miniature dolls of a loved one for over ten years. A miniature gift representing someone’s profile is an extraordinary gift, especially for special moments such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduation. Crebobble miniatures are made of high quality and eco-friendly polymer clay. The clients can also choose the colors and shapes based on the client’s requirements.

Crebobble bobblehead presents are funny, unique, and affordable. Clients can choose bobbleheads from over 1000 different styles. Crebobble’s sculptors are those who are expert at sculpting and able to make unique bobbleheads similar to the client’s references. Clients can choose various styles from superheroes, professions, doctors, pilots, photographers, athletes, poets, and many more. Crebobble’s bobbleheads are unique because they made the miniature from head to toe with height 6,5 to 7,5 inches. They can also create a couple of miniatures or groups, besides creating a single bobblehead.

According to the company manager, Crebobble has been trusted by clients all over the world for many years. “We have delivered more than 100,000 custom bobbleheads for our clients worldwide. We strive to make our clients happy with their bobbleheads,” said Crebobble representative. Crebobble offers its bobblehead miniatures at affordable prices. Single bobblehead prices start from $68, while couple bobbleheads start from $128. The bobbleheads are available to purchase at Crebobble official website

Ordering custom bobbleheads is simple. Clients need to send order references and information. After receiving the order, Crebobble will make the bobblehead according to the references. And of course, they will send the progress for approval before the finalization of the miniature. For a great shopping experience, Crebobble receives payment from major credit cards and Paypal for smooth transactions.

“Crebobble is a skilled bobbleheads maker. I admired the Artist that made my bobblehead. I was so fascinated by how quickly my bobblehead was created and delivered to my address. “

“Loved it. Thank you for the bobblehead and I recommended you to my sister. ‘

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About Crebobble

Crebobble is a leading custom bobblehead company based in Dallas, Texas. The company has been serving its clients for more than ten years in creating custom model sculptures. Currently, they have delivered over 100,000 of their products to clients from all around the world. The company always prioritizes its clients’ satisfaction, which means they guarantee their clients will be satisfied with its products. If not satisfied with their products, they can be replaced until the clients are happy. For more information, and want to make bobbleheads for the special ones, please visit For bulk order and discount prices, contact our customer support at the email address below.