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Every product needs to be packaged when it comes to selling. It acts as a shield to the products. It’s a treat to watch our precious items being packed in a box that is unique in design. We bring this to you. DRIKLUX was established with the purpose of producing and selling the best packaging products. We manufacture customized packaging boxes as per the customer’s expectation. Customization in terms of design, shape, size and material type is offered by our company. We are a global manufacturer and are consistently gaining reputations in luxury packaging industry. We are the one stop destination for luxury packaging boxes.

The market demands are growing continuously and so is the industry. We are the manufacturers of a wide variety of packaging products. Our products like Automatic Watch Winder, Luxury Watch Winder, Watch Roll and Automatic jewelry boxes raise our company’s standard by gaining a positive and fruitful review from our customers. People find something they can easily rely upon and trust to the fullest. In order to meet the customer’s demand our product or finely crafted using the most unique design that are a pleasure to watch.

Our products are manufactured with superb build quality and ensure its durability. Our products go through various quality tests and are being examined carefully before it is exported.

Our production teams are certified on designing and are able to design the most unique boxes for you. R & D team continuously works to bring a creative design and innovative technology to our customers. Ensuring customer’s satisfaction is managed by our management team. Additionally, they give efforts in building a strong customer relationship.

We are never disappointed our customers in terms of communication. You can easily reach us via website or email. Our representatives are available 24*7 for your service. They make sure that each customer gets their issues resolved and are completely satisfied before the end of the conversation.

To know more about our products and the latest offers visit our website.

Company Name: Guangzhou Add Beauty Handicrafts Co. Ltd
Contact Person: Mr zhang
Country/Region: China
Street Address: 2nd Floor NO.3,3rd street ,huangbian south road,baiyun district
City: Guangzhou
State: Guangdong
Postal Code: 510000
Phone No: +86 13392895836
Email Address: