Diabetes is a condition that needs continuous monitoring. Practically just about every diabetic should have a kit for testing their blood sugar. Lots of obtain or acquire supplies of several different test strip brands, and immediately after a favourite is selected, the other boxes are merely abandoned and left to gather dust. The relatively quick shelf life of test strips generally means getting to cope with a expanding collection of boxes that are of no use, and should be gotten rid of somehow. Regularly this implies basically throwing perfectly excellent boxes of diabetic test strips within the garbage. Get far more facts about Fast Cash for Your Diabetic Testing Strips

As any person who purchases them knows, diabetic test strips are pricey things. Did you also realize that there are a huge number of diabetics around who, due to low incomes, fixed incomes, or lack of insurance, desperately need these supplies, but can’t afford to spend the prices becoming asked? You can find many organizations that present them with their required supplies, and you can participate in their efforts to assist. For those who have extra unopened, unexpired test strips containers, you could sell them for cash as opposed to tossing them within the trash!


Most diabetics are sensible enough to maintain boxes on hand in case they run low, and ahead of long understand they’ve several far more than they truly will need. When you receive boxes regularly, you might find that extras are beginning to add up. Maybe you will be not testing as frequently as you used to. You may have changed test strip brands, and nevertheless have a supply from the old ones sitting around that never match your new meter. In case you have been testing your self throughout pregnancy, and no longer have any need to do so, it really is probable you nonetheless have some boxes left more than you don’t know what to perform with. Perhaps a loved one has passed away, or moved into a medical care residence that now delivers their supplies, and also you are left with added boxes in your hands. You can find lots of factors why you could have a stash of perfectly superior, still-sealed, unexpired boxes of diabetic test strips that you just could possibly be creating money on by selling.


Yes, in the event you are the legal owner of them. Any one can buy test strips, even without the need of a prescription, so as long as you bought the strips yourself, that you are free to sell them. Even though your boxes are marked “mail order only” or “not for resale” you’ll be able to nevertheless sell them – this just suggests they can’t be sold by means of a retailer.

Of course, there are actually some items to maintain in thoughts. As an example, not all brands are going to be in demand. Boxes which have been provided by Medicare cannot be resold, and no one will purchase boxes which can be expired, broken or have broken seals. But so long as they are a reasonably well-known brand, in very good situation, and possess a minimum of 6 months to their expiration (even though you could have the ability to get half cost for specific brands which might be expiring in 3 to 6 months), then you definitely might be holding the money in your hand within a very couple of days!


Dealers who acquire diabetic test strips are in business to produce money, however the end outcome will be the same: an individual who desires these supplies and cannot afford them is going to acquire them, either for free or at a discount. Dealers will normally accept brands they wouldn’t normally obtain after which donate them to shelters, or give a percentage of their profit to diabetes associated charities. Typically they may be within the business mainly because they themselves are diabetic or possess a loved one who is, which provides them a personal stake in helping other individuals that are dealing with the challenge of diabetes. Of course, you need to obtain to know your dealer and feel comfy performing business with them, so shop about a little! Quite frequently, repeat business will make you a valued consumer who will receive special consideration in regards to pricing your boxes.

But it is not always about generating a couple of further dollars – it really is the relationship you create with a person you really feel is sincere, honest and trustworthy. Naturally you would like one of the most generous price tag for the test strips, but you’ll want to also look for somebody who’s prepared to send payment immediately, and offers various techniques to have in touch with them. Do they’ve a toll-free number it is possible to contact? Study their FAQ web page and Terms and Circumstances so you know what it is possible to count on. Verify to view if they’re going to reimburse you for shipping the boxes. Call them up and speak with them personally, so you get a feel for who they are.