Biofuels are majorly used as substitutes of petroleum-based fuels for transport, and they are considered as a part of important strategies to improve fuel security, mitigate climate change, and support infrastructure development. To achieve compliance with emission targets set by various governments to slow down global warming and to improve the security of energy supply, an increased contribution from both conventional and advanced biofuels will be needed over the forecast period. On the other hand, aviation is the second-largest consumer of energy in the transport industry.

The major hurdle to clear in aviation is the need for highly pure, chemically stable fuel. However, several companies in Europe have begun to produce jet fuel from Jatropha and are set to begin supplying several major airlines shortly.

Additionally, test flights with airlines and the U.S. military have demonstrated that subsequent blends of petroleum-based jet fuel and bio-jet fuel are effective and safe for usage. Some of the other areas where liquid biofuels can be used are in rail transport, but their feasibility in this sector remains to be seen in the coming years. In rail transport, most of the railway operations come from diesel traction, and biodiesel could be a viable alternative fuel for running trains. Other biofuels are of secondary importance, which include Hydro-Thermal Upgrading (HTU) diesel & Biomass to Liquid (BtL), biogas, biomethane, bioethanol, and biomass used for electricity generation in other systems.


EnviTec Biogas AG started the operations for its biogas project in China, following a construction period of just 12 months. Input for the 1,570 Nm³ biogas plant located in Shanxi province would include maize stover silage, turkey litter, and dairy cattle manure.

List of Key Companies Profiled:

ADM (U.S.)
Ameresco, Inc. (U.S.)
Enerkem (Canada)
MVV Energie AG (Germany)
Enviva (U.S.)
EnviTec Biogas AG (Germany)
Green Plains Inc. (U.S.)
Pacific BioEnergy Corp (Canada)
Lignetics (U.S.)
Drax Group (U.S.)
Enexor Energy (U.S.)