When you want power, you need a supplier. When you want a premium voltage supply kit, you need a premium high voltage power supply kit offered by HVM Technology. Beyond these kits, suppliers like HVM offer a variety of converters.

The HVA series happens to be a miniature-sized, zero-crossing, high-voltage amplifier. It has the power to produce higher voltage, about ±6kV. It designed for use in high voltage generators of the dual polarity variety. One little package houses this high-speed voltage amplifier, saving space for mini devices.

Here are some products we offer:
HVA05XX operates from 5VDC input.
HVA12XX, which operates from 12VDC input.

The current output voltage is widely independent of the input power voltage (and always remains proportional to the programming voltage). A good high voltage power supply kit is fully loaded with excellent linearity.

The supply kit from HVMcomes with the ultra-compact resonant converter design. It helps minimize the quiescent current (along with the operating noise). The company offers such products with a high degree of esteem. Experts pour their heart and soul into this work so that we can all enjoy smaller, functional, and safe electronic devices.

These little tools are used in many devices today. For example, you might find them in pocket cells or electron microscopes.

Beyond these devices and tools, the company sells DC-to-DC 12v converters. If there is one thing we understand, its your desire to stick to a budget. We believe in customization. To learn more about price and fees, contact us today. Check us out online: www.hvmtech.com.

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