BENE: PORTS: Lead Together

Bene Invites you for a Webinar on Future Of Leadership & Global Launch of PORTS!

Time and again, the two design partners from London impressively demonstrate what high-quality industrial design is all about, namely cleverly transposing changing ways of working and life situations to new products and usage concepts. 10 years after the joint development of the PARCS product series, the London design studio Pearson Lloyd has once again developed an innovative office concept together with BENE: PORTS. BENE presents a webinar with Pearson Lloyd on July 22, 2020 at 5.30 PM (IST). Don’t miss out on this fabulous webinar.

Driven by technological and social developments, the world of work is constantly changing. In this environment of permanent transformation, agility and stability are becoming essential qualities for companies to remain successful. These characteristics must be supported by flexible organisations and redefine the roles of leadership and management.

In this webinar, designers Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd talk about the development of PORTS and the future of leadership.