Stop about being a school player who stands for what right with these cut scenes I do not care. Or a player from China attempting to make it. If you’d like a story mode do something similar to 2k17 where you pick a school team and play a few games. During those games let’s manage to earn points towards badges. Go through the draft procedure with some interviews. Play with a match that is combine and again earn points towards badges and then get drafted. Additionally bring back the previous parks from 2k16 and 2k17. The neighborhood is cool but the parks only hit different with those factions made the game fun especially when we had.

The game ought to feel like the gamers possess weight and solidity. The ball and players must go through/clip the backboard, the audience, each other or the goal stand. It ought to be like cars in GTA, they never clip or go through other cars or walls. The match ought to have more realistic, results at the rim. In 2K20 and preceding matches, cartoons are so canned you can realize what animation is all about to happen and exactly what it looks like down to last detail. Every shot ought to be block-able and each block needs to be able to be averted, which should all be based on skill (and AI problem ). Dunking (and layups) should be based on evaluations (Driving dunk, standing dip, layup, vertical, speed, strength, and maybe ball control, or a new feature called craftiness).

It should be a lot easier to do a windmill (or reverse layup) or 360 (layup or dip ) the higher the score, and what dunk (or layup) you wish to do should not be based on cartoons, but what you do with the sticks, left rod determines spin/direction, and right stick decides what you are doing with the ball at your palms. Blocks should also stick to the sticks, left stick is leap direction and stick is where your arm reaches. Pressing triangle and pressing on square will provide you a regular dunk or layup will make you go up on a block. Dribbling should stick to the sticks. Additionally, hits and hard touch should lead to a very small prospect of harm with a player’s durability being a factor.

Cant 2k have servers that are great? Like deadass. How about we fix these? I have great web but nevertheless every game is delayed and laggy. You have to release your shot because of the delay. I dont even play games. And I’d really like to do that. Like what’s it in tech terms. Other games dont play like this. Why does this happen year after year? Can we get dedicated servers or something? That is one of my main issues with 2k each year. My career online proposal: patch lockdowns with hall of fame interceptor from stealing it off the inbound person ( when I am the one stuck in position in the inbound when I evaluate or anything, the lockdown aka my guy can steal it from me even though he is stuck in position just cuz he’s HOF interceptor).

I play with myteam cause I think that the park is just one of the aspects of this game. To repair myteam would be so straightforward. Tiered gameplay choices. I personally do not wish to play against opals and pink diamonds, so there ought to be an unlimited mode for each tier, and if you win a certain number of games you get a participant from the grade above (alter them have an amethyst player pack as the reward for your Ruby tier for example), this could reward players for playing the game without even punishing people who don’t wish to spend money on packs. Additionally, it would open reduced teams up to make the game a whole lot more varied whilst keeping them aggressive and at the same time encourage gamers to expand their participant group. Each tier could have there have leaderboard too.

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