The current global pandemic is playing havoc with our personal lives. With increased unemployment, pay-cuts, restrictions on going out, and travel advisories, our relationships are under severe strain. With MrOwl, you can help get focus on your relationship with your partner. 

MrOwl is a Social Cloud Storage™ platform that combines the best of search, social, and digital organization. On MrOwl, users can store all their digital content in one place by creating public or private collections of information called “branches” that can be organized with subtopics, links, documents, and media. No wonder that many people have created amazing resources on relationships that you might want to consider exploring to find great ideas and inspiration that can help you with your relationships.

MrOwl’s Community pages on Relationships should be the starting location for anyone who is looking at enhancing their already existing relationships. It contains relationship advice, tips, and information for dating, marriage, long-distance relationships, intimacy, separation, and other topics related to love and couples. MrOwl’s Community page on Romance also includes ways you can help improve romance and intimacy within a relationship

MrOwl user Ankur Chaudhari maintains a ‘branch’ on Relationship Advice. It aims to give you ideas for the best possible solutions for your relationship problems. It allows users to ask questions and give opinions on the things they are going through so that people can learn from others in the MrOwl community.

It is no secret that this period has altered how our relationships function. Many couples are going through periods of reevaluation and treatment. There are many Relationship Improvement Articles that have been uploaded by MrOwl user Priscilla Chris-Taiwo. This can be used by anyone wanting to improve bonding with their beloved during these difficult times.  

And if the lockdown has recently made you single, the MrOwl Community page on Breakups is always there for those who are going through a difficult time alone. It contains information and tips for coping with a relationship breakup and also includes resources for professional counseling and coaching if needed.  Arvind Raichur, CEO, and co-founder of MrOwl acknowledged the difficulty of how COVID-19 has impacted our relationships. He said, “I encourage people to use MrOwl as a resource to connect online and discover all of the available information on improving their relationships that the MrOwl community has shared for the benefit of everyone. While we safeguard ourselves from the pandemic and get used to the new normal, we need to pay attention to our loved ones. With MrOwl, you can get advice on strengthening and enhancing your relationships.”