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Out of more than 50 marine industries for best new and innovative marine products the award was won by Harbor Shoppers for supplying the best marine parts of excellent quality and at the best price. The award was given by the International Boat Association. Having perfect marine parts for your boat is very necessary because: The marine parts form the backbone of any ship without which the ship won’t really operate/sail well. The marine parts are the core components responsible for the maintenance of watercraft propulsion and other on-board equipment. The father of marine engineering, the “Archimedes”, also clearly stated the importance of marine parts in his various literature surveys. So, the marine parts are just not simple hardware to be installed, rather they bind the entire vessel-propagation in due coordination with the hardware components present in it. The lifespan of how long a vessel is going to cruise on water smoothly is the X-factor of the marine parts incorporated right there in the vessel. The marine parts though play the role of a manager to prevent any damage to the subsequent hardware components, end up compromising with their own health in the entire process. Harbor Shoppers is supplying outstanding quality boats and boat parts since 1999 and satisfying their customers.