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Now donate your car to charity and get tax benefits with Scrap Car Removal GTA. They are Ontario’s best auto wrecker and scrap car recycling company.
If you have an old car with you and no longer feel like using it, you can help a charity by donating your car.The scrap recycling company will use the car to serve people or dismantle the car to salvage parts, which they can auction and help with a larger amount to help the charity of your choice. Scrap Car Removal GTA accepts all kinds of junk/scrap cars, vans, trucks and sports utility vehicles for recycling and resale.
Scrap Car Removal GTA welcomes charities for both local and international. Their car donation system is direct to charities, so themoney directly goes to charity as they exclude middlemen and their high administrative fees.
What’s more, you get a tax receipt for donating your car to charity. Scrap Car Removal GTA’s charity/car donation has been around for many years, and they have helped numerous people who are desperately in need of help.
Scrap Car Removal GTA has established its reputation by providing expert services that include scrap car removal and car donation. Their aim is to recycle cars in a fast and efficient manner and achieve great customer satisfaction. They will provide you with same-day professional service and cash for your scrap vehicle.
If you are planning to donate your old car, you are making the right decision. Contact Scrap Car Removal GTA at 647-568-6855 for getting rid of your old car. You can visit their website for more details.